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April 26

Heyuch everybody! Hope your life is as good as ours in the cave of confetti! Summer is here, with 28° and clear blue sky! I would much rather be on the beach, but my contract says otherwise.........


April26 1

It is FINALLY time to do a first test run with the smoker! So, we invaded Johannes desk and started marinating stuff!

April26 2

Since it's Litecoms smoker, it's only fair that the first test smoke is dedicated to the lighting crew + special guests of course. And it's only fair that their Key Account Manager Girts gets his hands as dirty as mine!

April26 3

I'll be back on Monday with a full report from the smoker party! Let's dive down to Minus 1 floor today! A lot of things have happend since we were there last time. All our suppliers have moved into their workshops in this cool and sunless hole under the main hall. Say hello to Yung-Min and Francesca from Riedel. We'll get back to these cats at a later stage for a full report of what they are actually doing in this project!

April26 6

But I can already now reveal that they are supplying all networks, printers and signal distribution for the production. That part is managed by young handsome Joel and his team, that always march around the compound as a flock of ducks for some reason.

April26 5

If your look close in their workshop, you will discover this secret case, that is filled with something completely different than the labels says!

April26 4

The dressing rooms and make up areas for our opening and interval acts are ready. Just need to remove the plastic covers on the carpets and fill them with talent. But it will take a while before that happens!

April26 7

The IEM (In Ear Monitor) soundcheck is also here at the moment. It will move to its final position in a couple of days.

April26 8

This is where all artists, including our stand ins, will do a 30 minutes IEM rehearsal prior to coming on stage to perform. This way, we can focus all their onstage time for camera rehearsals. The settings for each country is saved to a memory stick and uploaded at the Monitor FOH located Stage Right in the main hall. Right now it's a pretty long distance to run with the stick, but once we move the rehearsal, it will only be a 20 meter walk.

April26 9

Say HELLO to our pixel smurfs! Frank, Thomas from Gravity is providing all video screen content for the show, besides 16 countrys that are bringing their own. They started the production in their headquarters in Hamburg, but moved into our venue a couple of days ago, and will be here till the bitter end.  I believe this is Eurovision 5 or 6 for them. Always a pleasure to have them onboard!

April26 10

The video canvas in our stage has a resolution of 16 998 976 pixels , so the content files are quite heavy..............

April26 11

Right next door is the Litecom office. Besides lights and smokers, they also have balloons! Because they are awesome!

April 25

What up music lovers!? Stand in rehearsals are going very well, and it's wonderful to see how it all comes together on stage!


April25 6

One thing that is kind of crucial when you do television is photographers! So, lets' check them out today.

April25 2

We got a total of 17 cameras in the main hall, and another 6 in the greenroom. 

April25 4

Here are our 3 main cameras that takes all the frontal close ups and mid shots. You can see an iPad on the right side of the camera handle. This is the individual shot list that each photographer has. We are using a software called CuePilot on Eurovision since 2013. The director's script all their songs on an online platform, to the same time code that we are using for sound, light, pyro, video and automation. The scripts are uploaded to a computer that controls the vision mixer. This is how we can do so exact cutting of camera shots and be able to repeat them time after time.

April25 3

We have the CuePilot information superimposed to all monitors that we use for viewing of the rehearsals, so everyone always sees the shot number, what camera it is, the duration of the shot, and the time code. This is an extremely powerful tool for us to revieve and handle feedback from all the delegations.

April25 8

We are using GrassValley LDX 86N series cameras that are running in 1080@50i . That means 1920x1090 with 50 frames per second interlaced frame rate.

April25 9

All cameras are supplied by NEP Sweden, so they come from faaaaaaaaaaaar away!

April25 11

Besides the piedestal cameras, we also have Steadicam operators. Here is Daniel, whom is, like most of our photographers , from Israel. He is carrying on the legacy of his father Itzik, a legendary Steadicam operator.

April25 10

And here is his Norwegian brother from another mother, Tim. The red arrow points at his focus puller Stephanie, while the green one points at a Muppet named Oskar. We'll have a thirrd Steadicam operator in greenroom, and his name is most probably not Sven. But I'll investigate and get back to you as soon as we start with rehearsals in there!

April25 1

We also have two cranes in our set up. This is the stage right, or camera left if you like, 52ft telescopic Moviebird crane. We have a 45ft on the opposite side. There are also two rails with telescopic heads in the main venue. One in front of our main cameras, and one following the shape of the main stage on stage left.

April25 7

Least but not last, we have a 2D wire camera system that can fly through the entire hall. Both cranes, rails and the 2D cam is supplied by Opertec.

Now, when you know all about the camera set up, you can try to do a Eurovision in your home! Send the results to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Over and out!


April 24

Tjäääääänare! And welcome to another day in the no drama zone of Eurovision! A very special thanks to my super duper awesome Shira Horovitz whom is running around in the venue taking a lot of pictures while I'm busy with goofing around!


April24 1

Mr. Mumzig and Mr. Björkskaft has some AMAZING news to give you in a couple of days! Marvin is bitter...........

April24 2

So, we decided to cheer him up with a goofy look. No success. Still bitter.

April24 3

So, we tried with a bit more passion. Still bitter! He claims he was focused.........

April24 4

Here are more focused people........ Lechay, Eyal and Anat enjoying the rehearsals!

April24 8

What do you get if you take a half Russian, Half German ex-army girl?  An awesome floor manager of course!  Say HELLO to our Senior Floor Manager Ruthie! Mess with her, and you will dance in the dark, off camera, outside the venue. And you will never be let back in again. Love you girl!

April24 11

Say HELLO to the Chief of Staff at KAN, Ayala Mizrahi. As you might have noticed by now, this country is FULL of drop-dead gorgeous women.

April24 6

And say HELLO to our current superstars! The artists for our stand in rehearsals!

April24 10

These wonderful and talented singers and dancers has practiced for months to learn the lyrics and choreography for ALL the songs in our show. Their rehearsals are done with full production, and it might be the most secret thing going on in the universe at the moment.

April24 12

We record all rehearsals, and the final take is sent to the delegation, so they can review their song, performed on our stage, weeks before they show up here. It also gives the production a chance to practice all the routines that is involved with handling the routes for all our performers. Here is a happy gang ready to go on stage after their in- ear rehearsal.

April24 13

As you can see, our audince goes absolutely bonkers!

April24 16

The venue is an absolute NO PHOTOGRAPHY zone at the moment. But we figured we can give you a glimpse of what is going on, since this image really doesn't reveal any secrets, or tell you what country this is for.

The first one that can guess who it is, wins a signed crew shirt from Modern Talking.

Here is the all time favorite song of Johannes Schau!




April 23

Checking back in with you from the epicenter of greatness! I just heard from Yuval Cohen that he'll be ready with the script on June 28, so we are in good hands everybody!


April22 13

There has been reports about strange Muppets making their way into the arena lately. I managed to capture one of them on film. Let us know if you know who this person is!

April22 14

Seconds later I found another one. He smelled like diesel, just like the first one! Any information you can give to us about who this is will be greatly awarded with free tickets to the Grand Final!

April23 7

Sorry! No free tickets for y'all! It turns out that it was our stage crew, headed by our Senior Stage Manager Tobbe Berg and his two ninjas, Oskar ¨Bearnaise¨ Österlie and Henrik ¨Hank¨ Israelsson. Thin about it! What a proper last name Hank has!!!!!

April23 6

Say HELLO to our Head of Press and International Relations Tal Barnea! He was feeling red yesterday!

April23 5

Say HELLO to our Tenders and IMS manager Kobi Nussbaum! As you can see, he already picked his favorite host!  Lucy Ayoub is clearly his choice!

April23 1

I can't really show you any stage shots at the moment since we are in stand in rehearsal mode. So, let's take a look in the opposite direction! We use a total of 278 DTS Katana as our main fixture in this area.

April23 2

We use ROBE BMFL and Mega Pointe as spots over the audience.

April23 3

Finally, the whole arena is outlined with Sharpy Washes to define the room.

They said it would never rain in Tel Aviv in April........... well...... it did....... and more!

See you mushkins tomorrow!


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