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April 19

Hello and HAPPY EASTER! Since we're about to go on a break with the diary over the weekend, I thought I should treat you with an extra-large update. Consider it my Easter gift to you! Here we go!


April19 13

Say HELLO to Matty Ben Shoshan and her team! Matty ( in sunglasses) is our Head of Accreditation, which means that you will not get into our venue, without passing per cabin, located right outside the staff entrance.


April19 1

While you are at it, say HELLO to our assistant tender coordinator Hagit Raz, here together with her husband that came to visit. Not sure what his name is, but it's not SVEN!

April19 15

Or why not say HELLO to Shai Barak, whom is working hard together with Tal Eshkoli to plan Eurovision Events, Content and Delegations.

April19 14

Who is this Bella Donna? Say HELLO to our Delegation Manager Noy Sossover! She sings too!


April19 3

Noise Boys are in! Here being busy with putting up the monitor and music playback world on Stage Right.

April19 4

And you can really tell how excited Yossi Edri, our Head of Sound is over the fact that they are finalizing all the stuff inside the venue.


April19 5

Here is the sound team preparing all the microphones and IEM systems. We got PLENTY of both.

April19 2

The mirrors on the backside of our LED panels are being installed and completed.

April19 6

The floor light package is also in place. If you ever wondered how a long row of Ayrton Ghibli would look like, I can tell you that they look just like this!

April19 9

And here she is! The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 stage. Almost ready, and soon on a TV in your home!

April19 7

All cameras are installed too. Here are the three main cameras.

April19 8

We even put number on the seats! Here is mine. Those of you that know about 77, knows..............

April19 10

The tunnel that connects Stage Right with Stage Left is actually named after last years Lighting Designer- Jerry Appelt! Why? Because our tunnel is just like him, romantic as shit! Really!

April19 11

Find five things that is wrong with this image! This is the props tent. April 18 was the absolute deadline for prop deliverys. Looks like most countries missed that one. Mess with us- dance in the dark!

April19 12

Eurovision in all about perfection. Up to the grade that we actually had a tasting of the food that will be sold in the food trucks in the public areas. I can assure you, it was ALL very good!


April19 17

Since Passover week started yesterday, Zivit decided to gather a bunch of us, have drinks and hand out gifts.

April19 16

We got really nice hoodies, and as you can see, Johannes, PA,Erik, a very handsome guy that looks like me, and Tobias were first in line.

April19 18

Meanwhile, when people were busy with this, Shira took the oppertunity to sneak into catering and kidnapp two big jars of Nutella! Why? Because Nutella is freaking AWESOME!








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