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April 18

Hejsan Hejsan! Here is today's update from schlager heaven in Tel Aviv!


April18 5

Wednesday is supermodel day! And why settle with a paper copy when you can have the original! Say HELLO to Bar Refaeli, one of our hosts! Our dear multicamera directors wanted mannequins as foregrounds for the cameras. We thought it would be a great idea to get paper cut outs of our hosts. So I accidentally ordered 50 of them.


April18 1

From one supermodel to another. Joel Papmehl-Dufay from Riedel is not, like most us Swedes, leaving the motherland without proper coffee. Joel brought the best! Skånerost is da shit. Nuff said! Joel's grandfather was a music teacher. He told the guy below that he will never become a guitar player, because his fingers were too thick.................



April18 2

And coffee is exactly what we are drinking here, out with the wild bunch at a Mexican place............ I can't really only write about work in here........... we do have a life too you know!


April18 4

We also entertain ourselves with playing imaginary chess upon Ben Gurion Blvd at night. Very late at night..............


April18 3

Say HELLO to our bus driver that brings us safely to the venue every morning, and back to the hotel at night. He is VERY proud of his Volvo bus, and he should be! Escpecially since it comes with an Espresso machine!



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