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Welcome to the Eurovision diary 2019

April 17

Hejsan Hoppsan! The tango bubble continues to deliver. Here is today's update!


April17 15

Found him! Say HELLO to our second multi camera director, Sivan Magazanik!


April17 8

Remember this guy? Say HELLO to last year's Head of Sound, Daniel Bekerman! He's here to inform this year's sound crew about the tricks and stunts needed to survive this little thing called Eurovision.


 April17 1

I told you it would be done within soon. And it is! Our grand stand ladies and gentlemen!!


April17 2

Can't have a grand stand without a handicap platform! So we are building that too.


April17 4

The two bridges connecting the main stage with the catwalk on SL & SR are in position and we have started to apply the final finish to them.


April17 5

Pyro had a busy day yesterday! They came, put up a fan, and left! WTF???


April17 6

PRG has completed the install of our LED floor. Now we just need to apply the masking and the final facia. We might want to clean it a bit too before starting rehearsals!


April17 7

Oh puuuuuuuuuuuh! Turns out that the Pyroman team didn't leave after installing the fan! They decided to crawl under the stage and do all the needed install there. Thank you for that! And thank you for sucking at Icehockey!


April17 9

Cameras are also coming into the house. This is a pretty good thing, since we are supposed to film a whole lot in a couple of days! Here is our 52" Moviebird crane on Stage Right together with some of the Opertec crew. Ukraine is not in the contest with a song this year, but their proud colors are represented here anyway in the crew and gear from this lovely company!


April17 10

You need two bottles of water, a crippled goat, a 6-pack of beer and two packs of cigarettes to make the hike to FOH. But once you are up there, it's worth it. Best seats in da house!


April17 11

Not bad huh? We are controlling lights, video and automation from this position. This is also where me, Tarmo and Avishay will sit during the shows. I'll start looking for a crippled goat right away........


April17 12

At least I found a crippled Estonian already! Here catching his breath in the area where the wires from our 2-D camera system go down to its winches that are parked on the ground behind the grandstand.


April17 13

All special cameras are supplied by Opertec. Here is one of their riggers adjusting the pulleys for the 2-D system. They also deliver two telescopic rails, a 52" and a 45" Moviebird crane and a dropcam that is located above stage center.


April17 14

The noise boys also got their shit together. Here is the live sound FOH, located SR on the grandstands.


April17 16

And here she is! The official smoker of Eurovision Song Contest 2019! Proudly delivered by Litecom! Her named is Smokey Margrethe after the Queen of Denmark! Now we just need to burn her in, find some good meat, and get the party started!



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