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April 16

Here we go again! Another day in the sun has passed. But it was actually raining here yesterday! It never rains in Tel Aviv they said............. Welcome to sunny Tel Aviv they said............ hmmmmmpf


April16 1

But it was nice weather in the morning. So nice that Tobias decided to steal Erik's bike and take it for a spin.


April16 2

Erik didn't mind much. He was rather busy with recieving some rather large vechicles called OB-trucks.


April16 3

The trucks come all the way from Sweden and are provided by NEP. They been in route for Tel Aviv for almost two weeks. Israel is faaaaaaaar away!


April16 4

Anders Olsson parked all trucks himself. It's better that way. Then he gets them exactly where he wants them. He has parked more OB trucks for Eurovision than any other person in the world!


April16 5

Once in place, it was time to extend and unfold all the parts of the trucks. But of course there was some pyro muppets in the way, so it came with some delay.


April16 7

Once we got security to escort the Kaboom Finns out from the OB compound, Anders could get back to work and finish what he started.


April16 8

We are making good progress inside the venue as well. We got the SR & SL ramps in today and started to apply the final facia on the stage and catwalks.


April16 9

The finish of the Prism legs are completed as well. The original plan was to cover these with matte mirrors, but we had to change to a high reflective silver fabric due to weight issues with these legs. I actually think the compromise turned out better than the original plan.


April16 10

The LED walls are completed, so now it's Irgunits time to get busy with covering the back side of the 12 panels with mirrors. It will look spectacular when it's done!


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