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April 15

 Shalom Shabbat Hummus and Meshuggah! As you can tell, my Hebrew is improving! Welcome back to us in the glitter cave after the weekend!


Apr14 1

What better way to start the weekend than with a Jewish wedding! If you never been, make sure to go. It's a beutiful celebration and a really FUN party! When Johan Ericsson Svala is not touring the world as a backline tech for Nine Inch Nails, 1975 and some other bands you might have heard of, he is quite frequently spotted in Tel Aviv! So why not marry his gorgeous girlfriend Efrat? So, that is exactly what he did on Saturday! I gave him 96 hours of honeymoon. Then he has to show up at the Expo, since he is doing our stage marking! So, enjoy it as long as it lasts buddy!


Apr15 2

While the rest of you were busy with celebrating the weekend, we were busy with continuing the load in. It's getting there, slowly but surely. But most importantly, it's on schedule.


April15 3

The stage deck came in on Friday.


April15 4

The grands stands were almost completed over the weekend. We are building FOH today, so it's a good thing.


April15 5

On Sunday, the stage deck was completed, and PRG are ready to put in the LED floor.


April15 11

The outer catwalk is also coming into place.


April15 9

PRG are also working hard on completing the 12 LED panels. Once they are done, it's time for Irgunit to dress the back side of the panels.


April15 10

The stage right audience screens are also in position. We are using double stacked Panasonic DZ-21 projectors for these screens.


April15 12

The commentator booths are completed. Now we just have to equip them with furniture, panels and air conditioning. And make the front a bit more pretty. It looks a bit too industrial right now.


April15 13

How many pieces of scaff does it take to build a Eurovision grand stand? I have no idea! But plenty!


April15 14

All rigging is completed, and the ceiling is full to the rim.


April15 7

We've been rather active outside as well! This is the OB compound. We've placed all the containers, and we are ready for the OB trucks that will arrive on Monday morning. All trucks and cameras are delivered by NEP.


April15 8

You will find this weird little trailer right around the corner from the OB compound. They are measuring something. Not sure what. Or why. But I'm sure it's awesome.


April15 6

Those of you who know, you know. This is the MOST important box in the entire production. I'm just waiting for Litecom to open it and put it all together!



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