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April 11

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back to the house of love, passion and music! Summer is here, and the sun is warming up! It will be in the 30's over the weekend. 30° as in Celcius that is. You know, the standard that all countries in the world besides a couple of banana republics in the far west.



Happy Birthday to Erik Blomdahl today!!! HURRA HURRA HURRA!


Apr11 1

Love Love Love! Pink is the new black! Here demonstrated by Jacob Möller and Pontus Andersson from Litecom together with Malte Jäger and John van Look from PRG.


Apr11 12

I'm not sure why PRG decided that pink was the correct color for the vests of their rigging department. But it makes sense. I'm happy to see that our production head rigger Johannes Schau has yet not entered the other side.


Apr11 2

But Erik has! Here bird watching with Tobias.


Apr11 5

The PRG onsite manager Ollie Ebel was very suprised to hear that there are birds inside the arena. He claims that he has only seen cats in here so far. We will dig deeper into this next week.


Apr11 6

Carsten Will and Jack Collins haning out in the Litecom production office.


Apr11 7

And look who is back! Say HELLO to our art director Per Arne Jansen from Wieder Design! 


Apr11 8

The LED panels are being built.


Apr11 9

And the Irgunit crew is busy with installing all the LED strips on the Prism legs too.


Apr11 11

Itay got really tired of waiting for his TV gear to show up, so why not kidnap Shira and go downstairs and start installing the 1 100 reflective stickers that we need for our augmented reality stunts.


Apr11 13

The last audience lighting truss went up in the air yesterday. We have a total of 278 DTS Katana in the rig. A pile of them are rigged over the audience which will give us an extremely cool look in all the reverse shots.




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