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Welcome to the Eurovision diary 2019

May 25-The End

Hejsan Hoppsan and Good Bye! Fuck it! We're done!!! Eurovision 2019 IS done and dusted! Thank You all you readers that has been following our daily adventures leading up to producing the largest music television show in the world. Now- HOLIDAY! BIG TIME!


May25 3

Since this is my last Eurovision, I thought I would get a memory from this wild ride. A couple of weeks ago, I learned that Meshuggah means CRAZY in Hebrew, and I thought that would be an appropriate way to end this journey, since it's kind of me! Kind of.......

May25 1

Here is the wall of fame that we had in our production office with all the key members of our team. Some of the original pictures were replaced with others along the day. I'm not sure why I became the South Park Devil while Tobias became Jesus. Maybe it's because he wears sandals. Anyway, here are all the core people that you should say THANK YOU too. We busted our ass off for you to sit down in your sofa with a bag of chips and a beer and watch some spectacular television. THANK YOU!

May25 2

This is for your eyes only! We gave the copy of the statue to The Netherlands and kept the original. Don't tell anyone!

And with this, it's time to wrap up not only the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, but also this diary. The first diary I ever made was for Eurovision 2002. I thought it would be a nice way for friends and loved ones to my crew to see what we were up to on a daily basis in Tallinn. The first edition was actually in Swedish. The first editions were lost in the bankrupcy of Spectra, the company I worked for during my first 5 Eurovisions. But I still have all the material, and maybe, one day, I will find the time to repost the old ones. Who knows! Funny thing is that I was actually blogging before blogging was a thing!

Eurovision has been such a major part of my life and my career the past 19 years, and it feels very strange that this era has come to an end. And sad. But there are new adventures waiting for me in the great country in the west, and it's time to start getting busy with The American Song Contest! I know, it's a sucky name, and it will most probably change to something better. But that is what we call it for now!

Finally, I want to say THANK YOU to all the amazing people that I worked with and got to know very well over the past two decades. It's been fun and it has been an honor!




May 23

One last dinner, 7 last drinks. Or was it 8? Who cares? Zivit brought most of the inner circle back together one last time last night. We are all exhausted, but also very happy and pleased with the result. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter last night, but also a feeling of sadness. We came together, we dared to dream, we succeeded, and now reality is back in our face. We have to go back to our normal life’s. But it’s not a good bye! It’s Shalom! Because we’ll see each other again for sure!


May23 4

Tali Eshkoli. You amazing Duracell Bunny! Always on the run, always vibrant, always kind, always passionate and always full of energy. I honestly don’t understand how you do it girl!

You most probably nagged a hole in Zivits head convincing her to meet us. Thank you for that my sister from another mister. Here together with:

Tarmo Krimm. Few people know all the technical areas in a Eurovision set up than you. Who am I kidding? NO ONE knows these areas better than you! It has been 17 years since our first Eurovision, and a lot of different adventures together after that. I’m sure this is not our last one!


May23 5

Zivit Davidovich, you wonderful Queen and fearless leader. Thank you for listening to Tali, believing in us, and supporting us, at all times. No issue was too small, no problem was too big, and we were always welcomed into your office, and to your home!


May23 3

Tobias Åberg. My dear friend and brother in arms for so many Eurovision’s. Thanks for always being on the target and always being so precise in your execution of tasks. Without out that, I would have to be much less flamboyant, and we can’t have that! Here with:

Yuval Cohen. My new boyfriend! So full of talent, so full of passion, so full of a burning desire to do the best Eurovision ever. And you did. Because you are proactive, smart and precise in expressing all that talent of yours! I won’t tell your husband if you don’t tell my wife.


May23 1

Meytal Cohen. Always with your head high, always a part of the solution, never the problem! Your clever way of structuring the budget, and always have hidden pockets with resources to solve all the extras was outstanding. I know, you are a Jew. But still! You always had our back. Always! Here together with:

Shay Bonder. You crazy man! I guess it’s ok not to listening to anyone else if their answers are not as good as your own. I was very lucky to have you onboard this team, and you should have all the credit for how the video and automation part turned out.


May23 2

Avishay Gilade. I hope that I lived up to the adventure I promised. Thank you for catching all the balls that were constantly flying around, about to hit us hard in the head. Not a single one did, thanks to you. And now when Eurovision is going to The Netherlands, I’m afraid I’ve no choice but to sell you to the Dutch! I’m sure they will love you as much as I do!

And now, when the competition is done and dusted, it's safe to show you how the Australian act was done!

May 21

Hejsan svejsan you crazy people! I know many of you are interested in what we used in this show. So here we go!

It's hard do Television without lighting, so we kindly asked Litecom to pack a couple of trailers with the following:

44 x Ayrton Bora

46 x Ayrton Ghibli

106 x Ayrton Khamsin

206 x Ayrton MagicBalde-FX

358 x Ayrton MagicBalde-R

54 x Ayrton MagicDot-R

66 x Clay Paky Axcor 600

152 x Clay Paky Sharpy Wash

116 x Clay Paky SharpyPLUS

72 x Clay Paky UNICO

376 x DTS Katana

48 x DTS Synergy

210 x ETC S4 LED 2, Daylight HD

30 x GLP JDC-1

106 x GLP X4 Bar 20

28 x Goldpix 7x7 LED Matrix

87 x Robe BMFL Spot

116 x Robe BMFL WashBeam

78 x Robe MegaPointe

94 x SGM Q7

17 x LiteCom Spotdrive Remote Followspot Control

8 x LiteCom Camera Ringlite

9 x LiteCom Camera Mini Panel

8 x LiteCom Camera Panel

4 x MA2 FullSIze

13 x MA2 Light

22 x GrandMA NPU

22 x GrandMA 8port node

7 pcs MDG ATMe

May21 3


And it's even harder to make Television without Cameras so we asked NEP to bring the following:

2 x Fullsize OB Trucks

23 x Broadcast cameras

11km of broadcast cables

Cuepilot System

30 x Ipads

4 x Cases of Loka Crush Raspberry

May21 2


And if you want some of the cameras to have a little action, you better ask Opertec to bring this:

1 x 52ft Moviebird Crane

1 x 45ft Moviebird Crane

2 x Remote controlled telescopic dollies with rails

1 x 2D System

1 x Dropcam system

We also had 3 x Steadi cam operators in our show.

May21 5


Video is fun! So we asked PRG to bring this:

552 x Panels Roe CB5

384 x Panels of Gloshine LM 4,81

22 x Panasonic DZ-21 Projectors

2 200 x VER Blade 90cm

6 x Bromton 4k led processor and distributors

6 xDisguise d3 vx4 Media Servers

2 x Midi distributor X4

8 x Bird dog studio ndi

4 x D3 editor computer intel i9 with 64 gig ram nvidia 2080ti graphic card nvme 3.2 tera drive

10 x D3 designer dongles

4 pcs GrandMA 8port node, onPC

May21 4


Since we like to blow shit up, we told Pyroman to bring this:

10 x Heavy fog machines

48 x Flame Unites

20 x Spark Machines. 

18 x MagicFX Smoke Jet

24 x 16 channel pyroracks on stage.

1 x Waterfall trusses with 40 holders

8 x Magnum Confetti Cannons for the winning song

2 x Universal Effects Wind Machine

8 x MagicFX Stage Fans

May21 1


We are noisy people, so we asked Agora and Sennheiser to bring this:

52 x L-Acoustics K2

12 x L-Acoustics KS28

22 x L-Acoustics Kara

2 x DiGiCo SD5 Core 2  : Waves + Optocore

3 DiGiCo SD5 Core 2  : Optocore

2 x Digico SD9: Optocore

7 x DiGiCo SD Rack  : Optocore

3 x RME MADIFace Router

3 x Optocore DD2 FR/FX 

5 x Optocore DD4 MR/FX 

8 x Lawo Madi SRC

232 x Sennheiser Microphones

250 x Sennheiser IEM molds

110 x Sennheiser IEM Receivers

24 x Sennheiser IEM Transmitters

MaY21 6


And PRG hung the 185 tonnes with:

1 050 x Rigging Points

650 x hoists

110  xLoad Cells

6 500  x Meters of truss

May21 7

Since we like to talk, we asked Riedel to bring the following:

175 x Intercom Panels

265 x Analogue Radios

205 x Tetra Radios

20 x km of Signal fiber cables

1150 x rechargeable battery sets

140  x network switches

260  x WIFI Access points

6000 Mbit/s internet capacity.

May21 9 


And that is, in short, what you need to do a Eurovision Song Contest! Quite simple if you think about it!

Here are some other fun facts!

The original Expo was built before the birth of the State of Israel

The Expo moved to its current location in 1948

The stage was located in Hall 2 that was opened four years ago.

The greenroom and delegation bubble was located in Hall 1next door.

It took 54 days from load in to load out.

Build up was 21 days long. Load out is only 96 hours.

We had 7 200 spectators in the audience

We were using 3 000 shifts of stage hands to do this production.

It required 225 people to operate the Eurovision broadcasts.

We brought 250 Trucks of gear for the production

We used 37 x Forklifts, Cherry Pickers and Scissor Lifts for the build up and load out.

A total of 250 kilometers of cable was used in this production.

Catering served over 50 000 meals

My Espresso machine in the Production Office brewed 1 000 cups of Espresso

Wew really need a holiday now!

May21 8



May 20

Hello Shalom and Hejsan! I started my day with a massage, then I had breakfast at Hilton, and after that a swim in the Mediterranean. Not shit at all! But now I'm back at the office!

May19 1

Just a couple of days to go before it's time for Clown Ola to say goodbye to his WONDERFUL production assistant Shira Horovitz! Thank you SO MUCH for everything girl! Always there, always alert, always eager to help. I can not thank you enough!

May19 2

We all have different ways of preparing for the Grand Final. Our Executive Producer Zivit Davidovich decided to build herself a dressing room!

May19 3

The first time I met these cats was on a street in Kyiv in 2005. Say HELLO to two of the more dedicated fans from Sweden! Erik and Helene Magnuson! We've bumped into each other on every single Eurovision that I've done since 2005, which is a few! Great to see them one last time before I move west for the upcoming adventure with American Song Contest!

May19 4

I got nothing......... it's exactly like this!

May19 5

And here he is! I finally got a picture of the missing creature at lighting FOH. Say hi to one of our operators- Chris Bolton! I hope I delivered the adventure that I promissed buddy! I'm sure I did..........

May19 6

Load out is going medium as you can tell, since Robert Roos and Tobias Åberg is doing venue cleaning. Where are the cleaners? Most probably hiding out in the restrooms watching Netflix. This is what they usually do.......

May19 7

The only way making cleaing more fun must be if you have an Estonian waving a Israeli flag as support. So that is what Tarmo did.

May19 8

The stage should not be in this picture, but it is. Hurry up boys! You have to get that piece of junk out of the way so we can lower the grid!

May19 9

Not sure you noticed, but we had Madonna on the show the other night. You can not believe how big of a challange it is to bring in a whole new layer in a production this late, and we truly had to break our backs to make it happen. Including building this small compound for her and her 110 people entourage. To ease up for our creatives, we sent Najar and Dakars Wysiwyg file to Madonnas lighting designer, Al Gurdon, so we could do some pre programming before he arrived. We also brought in Robin Hofwander to direct this part of our show, because there was no time for Amir or Sivan to remove focus from the contest and deal with this. A special thanks to Madonnas Production Manager Jason Danter and his team, that came in with the coolest attitude, completely understanding what we were up against. Really appriciated that guys!

You never know what song will trigger FOH to go nuts. The only thing you know it will be one of the many we have in the bucket. This year, it was San Marino! Time code is a good thing......

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