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April 22

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back from our Easter break. As I'm sure you understand, we didn't break at all, only the diary! Here is today's update for all you music lovers!


April22 4

We started off Easter with a great party at our Show Producers awesome rooftop! You'll find him in the middle of this shot. You should know by now that he's like supermegaawesome, and that his name is Yuval Cohen! To the left of him is a retard named Ola and to his right is one of our hosts, Erez Tal!

April22 1

Mr Björkowich decided to wear all white on Easter. Turns out that this is the proper thing to do in Israel. Here together with our good friend and great song writer Doron Medalie. He wrote a pretty awesome song last year!

April22 2

That song was performed by this crazy wonderful girl as you all know as Netta Barzilai! So great to see you again girl!

April22 3

I think I'm getting stalked by a Supermodel...........  But no complains!!!!!!

April22 6

Even though I'm faaaaaar away from family and loved ones at the moment, I got an Easter gift from wonderful Christer Björkaballe! I consider him to be my own personal Easter Chicken these days. I know......... that statement might put funny images in your head, and I'm sorry about that.

April22 5

Tobias also got a gift, but not as pleasent as mine. Hi got snow........... It ALWAYS snow when Tobias is doing Eurovision........ this is the FINAL proof! Oh well....... it's hail, but close enough! People claim that it never rains in Tel Aviv in April........... to be fair, they never said anything about hail.........

April22 12

NORWAY is in da house! Tim Tönnessen became world famous last year after violating the Belarusian rose. His focus puller Stephanie Amundsen is also world famous, because she is AWESOME!

April22 10

While the rest of you were chasing chickens, eating ham, killing bunnies, rolling eggs or overconsuming candy, the faithful Eurovision Crew was busy with continuing our preparations for the stand in rehearsals that starts today. That included a pyro test with the fire marshalls.

April22 9

My temporary office in front of the stage is also completed! Now I just have to remember that I should show up tomorrow!

April22 7

Now, why on earth would I forget to show up for work? Well........ this place is famous for putting its visitors in a pretty massive meat coma...........

April22 8

See for yourself! The 231 plates on the table are just starters........... they were followed by a 600 gram Wagyu rib eye with foi gras. This place is horrible! And I'm only saying that because I don't want any of you visiting Tel Aviv while I'm here to overbook the place so I can't get a table when I need too! Off the record, it's my favorite place in town!

Me being able to produce this update should be proof enough that I managed to crawl out of bed and go to the venue this morning!

See you cats tomorrow!

April 19

Hello and HAPPY EASTER! Since we're about to go on a break with the diary over the weekend, I thought I should treat you with an extra-large update. Consider it my Easter gift to you! Here we go!


April19 13

Say HELLO to Matty Ben Shoshan and her team! Matty ( in sunglasses) is our Head of Accreditation, which means that you will not get into our venue, without passing per cabin, located right outside the staff entrance.


April19 1

While you are at it, say HELLO to our assistant tender coordinator Hagit Raz, here together with her husband that came to visit. Not sure what his name is, but it's not SVEN!

April19 15

Or why not say HELLO to Shai Barak, whom is working hard together with Tal Eshkoli to plan Eurovision Events, Content and Delegations.

April19 14

Who is this Bella Donna? Say HELLO to our Delegation Manager Noy Sossover! She sings too!


April19 3

Noise Boys are in! Here being busy with putting up the monitor and music playback world on Stage Right.

April19 4

And you can really tell how excited Yossi Edri, our Head of Sound is over the fact that they are finalizing all the stuff inside the venue.


April19 5

Here is the sound team preparing all the microphones and IEM systems. We got PLENTY of both.

April19 2

The mirrors on the backside of our LED panels are being installed and completed.

April19 6

The floor light package is also in place. If you ever wondered how a long row of Ayrton Ghibli would look like, I can tell you that they look just like this!

April19 9

And here she is! The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 stage. Almost ready, and soon on a TV in your home!

April19 7

All cameras are installed too. Here are the three main cameras.

April19 8

We even put number on the seats! Here is mine. Those of you that know about 77, knows..............

April19 10

The tunnel that connects Stage Right with Stage Left is actually named after last years Lighting Designer- Jerry Appelt! Why? Because our tunnel is just like him, romantic as shit! Really!

April19 11

Find five things that is wrong with this image! This is the props tent. April 18 was the absolute deadline for prop deliverys. Looks like most countries missed that one. Mess with us- dance in the dark!

April19 12

Eurovision in all about perfection. Up to the grade that we actually had a tasting of the food that will be sold in the food trucks in the public areas. I can assure you, it was ALL very good!


April19 17

Since Passover week started yesterday, Zivit decided to gather a bunch of us, have drinks and hand out gifts.

April19 16

We got really nice hoodies, and as you can see, Johannes, PA,Erik, a very handsome guy that looks like me, and Tobias were first in line.

April19 18

Meanwhile, when people were busy with this, Shira took the oppertunity to sneak into catering and kidnapp two big jars of Nutella! Why? Because Nutella is freaking AWESOME!








April 18

Hejsan Hejsan! Here is today's update from schlager heaven in Tel Aviv!


April18 5

Wednesday is supermodel day! And why settle with a paper copy when you can have the original! Say HELLO to Bar Refaeli, one of our hosts! Our dear multicamera directors wanted mannequins as foregrounds for the cameras. We thought it would be a great idea to get paper cut outs of our hosts. So I accidentally ordered 50 of them.


April18 1

From one supermodel to another. Joel Papmehl-Dufay from Riedel is not, like most us Swedes, leaving the motherland without proper coffee. Joel brought the best! Skånerost is da shit. Nuff said! Joel's grandfather was a music teacher. He told the guy below that he will never become a guitar player, because his fingers were too thick.................



April18 2

And coffee is exactly what we are drinking here, out with the wild bunch at a Mexican place............ I can't really only write about work in here........... we do have a life too you know!


April18 4

We also entertain ourselves with playing imaginary chess upon Ben Gurion Blvd at night. Very late at night..............


April18 3

Say HELLO to our bus driver that brings us safely to the venue every morning, and back to the hotel at night. He is VERY proud of his Volvo bus, and he should be! Escpecially since it comes with an Espresso machine!



April 17

Hejsan Hoppsan! The tango bubble continues to deliver. Here is today's update!


April17 15

Found him! Say HELLO to our second multi camera director, Sivan Magazanik!


April17 8

Remember this guy? Say HELLO to last year's Head of Sound, Daniel Bekerman! He's here to inform this year's sound crew about the tricks and stunts needed to survive this little thing called Eurovision.


 April17 1

I told you it would be done within soon. And it is! Our grand stand ladies and gentlemen!!


April17 2

Can't have a grand stand without a handicap platform! So we are building that too.


April17 4

The two bridges connecting the main stage with the catwalk on SL & SR are in position and we have started to apply the final finish to them.


April17 5

Pyro had a busy day yesterday! They came, put up a fan, and left! WTF???


April17 6

PRG has completed the install of our LED floor. Now we just need to apply the masking and the final facia. We might want to clean it a bit too before starting rehearsals!


April17 7

Oh puuuuuuuuuuuh! Turns out that the Pyroman team didn't leave after installing the fan! They decided to crawl under the stage and do all the needed install there. Thank you for that! And thank you for sucking at Icehockey!


April17 9

Cameras are also coming into the house. This is a pretty good thing, since we are supposed to film a whole lot in a couple of days! Here is our 52" Moviebird crane on Stage Right together with some of the Opertec crew. Ukraine is not in the contest with a song this year, but their proud colors are represented here anyway in the crew and gear from this lovely company!


April17 10

You need two bottles of water, a crippled goat, a 6-pack of beer and two packs of cigarettes to make the hike to FOH. But once you are up there, it's worth it. Best seats in da house!


April17 11

Not bad huh? We are controlling lights, video and automation from this position. This is also where me, Tarmo and Avishay will sit during the shows. I'll start looking for a crippled goat right away........


April17 12

At least I found a crippled Estonian already! Here catching his breath in the area where the wires from our 2-D camera system go down to its winches that are parked on the ground behind the grandstand.


April17 13

All special cameras are supplied by Opertec. Here is one of their riggers adjusting the pulleys for the 2-D system. They also deliver two telescopic rails, a 52" and a 45" Moviebird crane and a dropcam that is located above stage center.


April17 14

The noise boys also got their shit together. Here is the live sound FOH, located SR on the grandstands.


April17 16

And here she is! The official smoker of Eurovision Song Contest 2019! Proudly delivered by Litecom! Her named is Smokey Margrethe after the Queen of Denmark! Now we just need to burn her in, find some good meat, and get the party started!



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