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April 22

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back to Lisbon and the Altice Arena! Pressure is increasing and all departments are working very hard to finalize everything for tomorrow's technical tests, and the start of rehearsals on Tuesday!

Apr22 web012

I'm sure you remember that our Show Producer Carla Bugalho is the Queen of her own country Bugalia. And I'm sure you know that our Contest Producer Christer Björkman is the King of the imaginary country of Björkland. They printed silly t-shirts for their staff, prancing around in the office, giving me a hard time for not having anything created for my country Melzigia...


Apr22 web012

Well........... wait no longer. But why do something as crappy as t-shirts, when you can do high vis vests?



With this awesomemegacheesecool print on the back. I say HAH!


Apr22 web012

Say HELLO to Marco de Koff from Ampco Flashlight!


Apr22 web012

And say HELLO to our Senior Floor Manager Henrik Von Zweibergh too AKA The Ice Bear!


Apr22 web012

And while you are at it, you might as well say HELLO to our backstage managers Pierre Bredstenslien and Carl-Philip Landin. Here being cozy with Mattias.


Apr22 web012

And then, it was FINALLY time! The first test smoke in the new smoker!


Apr22 web012

First you turn it on, and connect your phone to the smoker's wireless network.


Apr22 web012

Then you put the meat in, upload the smoking profile of your choice, close the lid, and come back 8 hours later. The result? You'll see tomorrow! Promise!


Apr22 web012

Today was the first day we had the photograpers and operators for all cameras in the house. So we gave them a proper brief of what will happen during the next three weeks. But we kept some secrets from them. Don't want them to run away from the arena screaming , on the first day on the job.............


Apr22 web012

And here is the panel that told them everything we know about Eurovision. It took approx 5 minutes..............


 Here's our fan test accompanied by sound test and a litttle dance from me! Two out of three was a success!


We let Jerry pick today's clip from 2012 in Azerbaijan. I could not agree more! This was an extremely easy victory to predict. As a matter a fact, I actually told her that she will win Eurovision directly after the first semi final of the Melodifestivalen. I'm a wizard :-) Lighting Design by the romantic Jerry Appelt and Multi Camera direction by Ladislaus Kiraly.


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