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April 14

 Hejsan Hejsan! Joan is feeling a bit crappy today, so it's all me doing this today. Wish me luck! Not sure how this Joomla thing works!


apr14 1

Some of you might remember the crisis we had last year when some people said that our stage looked like a Russian Head Dress? Well........... I guess those people will just LOVE the shape of our press conferance tent..........


apr14 2

Today was the day to try the bitterballen case! Marc van der Wel is the key account manager from Ampco Flashlight/Pixel Light, and whom better to demonstrate how this will work!


apr14 3

But he had to explain what a bitterballen is to Melanie first. She is from Canada, and they don't have such amazing thing as bitterballen there. Plus that they suck at Ice Hockey! But that is a completely different story! If you also wonder what the hell this is- click HERE


apr14 4

If you ever wondered about how a wall of 351 MagicPanel FX looks like, you can stop wondering now! It looks like this! But it's not completed yet! We're about to add 64 Ayrton Mistral to this wall, but they are not here yet.


apr14 5

We've also completed the install of the 96 Ayrton Minipanel FX that goes into the stage. This is a very fun brand new product!


apr14 6

The stage floor is as completed as it can be at the moment. Something VERY secret is going into this hole, and that will be installed tomorrow.


apr14 7

This is the gap where we will install the circular camera rail.


apr14 9

And the other paseral is almost completed. I have to say that the EPC deliver is flawless! It's on time, and you can tell that they put all their love into the details and the finish of this set- BRAVO!


apr14 8

Clay Paky Scenius Unico is in da house! We got 197 active units in our rig. For some reason I can't access the CP webpage over the weekend, but you can Google it yourself you lazy sods! :-)


apr14 10

The goal posts for the GLP JDC-1 that outlines the floor is in place. Not sure if venue has forgotten that they are supposed to cover the walls with black drapes, or if they plan to do this later. I'll ask tomorrow!


apr14 11

The rig over mainstage is completed, and quite impressive. The thingy that hangs in the middle is one of the Panasonic PT-RZ31 Laser projectors that we are installing for those delegations that will use projection in their perfomance.


apr14 12

Say HELLO to Ana Teresa Mota and Bruno Ferreira from EPC. Thanks for bringing such an awesome team and such an awesome product to the table guys!


apr14 13

Meanwhile, we have 50 ADB Klemantis that are waiting patiently to get installed. We will use these to light the scrim that can be brought in to cover the wall of death!


apr14 14

Something else that is patiently waiting is the Flashlight smoker. Can we PLEASE get some sunshine now?

Beware, there is no proof reading done today, so you just have to live with my notbyjoancorrected English!


Finally, I've decided to start publishing songs that i liked from the past, that did NOT win Eurovision! Why? Because I can!

See you tomorrow! Or as Christer Bj Örkman says- Tomorrow is another day!

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