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May 6

Gooooooood morning Ukraine!

These couple of days here have been Family Days, where crew members can have their families come and visit and watch a few rehearsals. It's nice to come see what your loved ones have been caged up doing for the past month and get a taste of Eurovision behind-the-scenes.



Friends and family got to sit in the grandstands for rehearsals of Ukraine and the Big 5. Here's Spain on stage.



And since the house is full of locals, I wanted to run around with my camera and snap some of our friendly local staff that we run to yelling "help!" on a regular basis. I think I've only introduced Vika and Roman, who I couldn't have done this without (see April 4-5, April 7 and April 18), but I didn't want to overlook some others. Here's the lovely Aliona Zimich, our travel coordinator.



 Inna Vitko, Production Coordinator and frequent problem-solver!



 Natasha Doroshenko, Venue Manager having a goofy moment. Love you honey!



 Vova Shcherbyna, our local production runner. He's very happy he sits next to me!



Our sweet Yulia Bilovus, Production Team Travels.



Bohdan Dzyunko, Venue Manager Hall 1. He actually told me it was a dream of his to work with me! Awwww! It's been a pleasure buddy!



Katia Gundrova, Assistant Venue Manager Hall 1 is always full of smiles and hugs.



Pashok Fylonenko, branding manager for the outside of the arena and red carpet event. Looking great!



Vlad Luchkin, Venue Manager Hall 2 & 3 (and my finger - oops!)



But today Vlad is apparently the garbage transport manager……??


I'm clearly missing many - there are hundreds of people putting on this show!




What do you call a male ladybug?


So many questions...........






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