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April 19 Vlog

Hello! Not a ton of time today but at least I'll end with another vlog!!!


z frank

 Nothing like the smell of fresh paint in the morning! Today we painted the floor of the arena.


z frank



z frank

 Here's the Unbranded workshop painting stage floor panels - that smelled good too!


z frank

 View from commentator booths SL


z frank

 Commentator booth platform - this is where all the different countries send their commentators. Hey....what do you call a regular potato?  ....A common-tater!


z frank

 Props area taking up a bunch of space. This will be filled with lots of freaky stuff very soon!


z frank

Name: Frank Schotman AKA "Frank the Tank"

Title: Lighting Specialist, Elation

OM: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

FTT: A cook.  OM: Really? Do you like to cook now?  FTT: Oh yeah, my specialty is garlic shrimp on the barbeque.  OM: Mmmmm........shrimp....

OM: And what do you want to be now?

FTT: Young again.

OM: Where's the strangest place you've ever slept?

FTT: Hmm...Under a train wagon in Germany.  OM: Hey! Isn't that where we met??


And now for a vlog interview with a very famous Swede:



Why did the ..............oooooh....I'm out. It's been a long day........


So many questions..........



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