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April 20

Quick update today folks - I gotta grill some meat!
Today is the traditional production barbeque, hosted by moi!


Ynnnnnnnnnnnnnnf! And up! First crane on its riser on SL.


The very far SR corner of the set is being completed. It's built with high gloss surface, channel plastic with Martin MAC Auras behind, and Clay Paky Mythos on top and in front.


Live programming of lights and video is at full. We have one full week of this before we go into stand-in rehearsals.


All OB trucks are rolling in and being set up as well. We'll dig deep down into this wonderful world in a special coverage report within the next couple of days.


SL side of the stage is complete. Behind these walls rest the entire monitor world.


Grumpy did not have the budget for a Segway........ poor Grumpy..........


Greenroom is coming together nicely. And we have more channel plastic and MAC Auras.


Getting there! Keep in mind that we have 1 750 more lights to turn on.............

ola abbe

And since it's throwback Thursday, let's celebrate this with a picture from Eurovision Song Contest 2004. Let's just say that there was a pool party in connection to the Ukraine Delegation party that went slightly sideways........ we are much more mature these days......

I've discovered I have a logic fetish.
I can't stop coming to conclusions.

Now, non alcoholic bbq party!!!! Whoooohooooooo!




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