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The REAL April 4

Allow me to explain....... We (Joan) realized that since we report on what we did yesterday, it would be more accurate for the page title to show the date that stuff happened. So tomorrow it will say April 5, etc., etc......  So, now on to the happenings of April 4....

Yes yes....... get off my blog now woman!

1 trucks

Yeeeeeyyyy! There is nothing like the smell of diesel in the morning....... Our first two trucks being unloaded in the morning. Now there are only little over a 100 left..........

2 grid

Once the floor marking was done, our Head Rigger, Sören Durango-aka Mr.D and his team started with the rigging points going off the downstage mothergrid.

3 rigging

Bumper trusses and safety lines being installed in the upstage mothergrid.

4 lasse

Lasse Jedermark is in da house! I believe this is Eurovision 7 that Lasse is doing with me! Good to have you back buddy!

5 office

What do you call a production office without power, internet or proper furniture................ Oh well....... we are getting there........ At least the espresso machine is up and running........

6 matthias girts

Meet Matthias Sonntag and Girts Putelis from Litecom. Matthias (to the left) is their production manager for rigging and Girts is their key account manager. I think I speak for everyone in this production when I say that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE working with you guys! You are such ROCK STARS! But Matthias, we need to have a serious talk about that shirt.......... NO ONE is allowed to wear Volbeat swag on my productions! NO ONE!

7 floor

All rigging points marked out in pretty pretty pink.

8 cable

We are using the area at entrance number 2 for all our prep of cable runs for lighting. This is about half of that area.

9 annex

Here is the Annex. The Annex is one of a total of 4 arenas included in the Globe complex. It has a direct connection with the Globe, and we will use this for dressing rooms and delegations' areas.

10 eva joan

Oh my! My two super girls! Trust me, I would not get anything done on a daily basis without these two looking after me. Eva Rosberg on the left is our intern PA and Joan to the left is married to the most awesome man in the world- ME :-)

We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public........

Until tomorrow




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