Dear friends, it’s time to wrap things up and close the diary for this event. It has been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs, happiness and sorrow. I’ve gotten to know a bunch of wonderful people that have been involved in the struggle of making this event happen: The BIGGEST show ever produced in an indoor arena. And what a show it turned out to be! In the position that I work in, I’m nothing without my crew, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your passion, your humor, your skills and your wonderful attitude. But also for the support you gave me, and the trust. I’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating, YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS!

This year, it was not only the country, the local production and the venue that was new to me, I was also working with a lighting designer that I never worked with before, and I was hired by a company that I was completely new to.

To start with the F.O.H…….. What can I say…….  Thank you Al Gurdon! It has been a pleasure! And a huge THANKS to all the people that came with your team, Kerrie-Ann, Rich, Dave, Ian, Nev, Andy , Ben, Peter, Lauren and all you other crazy wonderful Islanders and potato eaters! Thanks for all the good times and all the laughter, I had a blast!

And Procon….. A HUGE Thanks to Morten Carlsson, who trusted in me, and let me do the production my way. And what a joy it has been working with a company that never seems to run out of resources, all gear in great shape, and spot on with delivery a fantastic crew. WORLD CLASS! I can’t wait to team up with you guys again!

Then, all the wonderful people on the local market at Channel 1, Red Square, White Studios and Technostyle. Yuri, Vlad, Yana, Borislav, Lena, Anna, Anton and all the others of you, that assisted us in so many ways. Our director Andrei Boltenko who delivered EVERY single piece of creativity that he promised together with his talented team. And of course our main man Konstantin Ernst!

A HUGE hug to our wonderful interpreters Oxana, Olga and Victoria, that did SO much more than just translated for us, dealing with laundry, food tickets and God knows what!

Then we had the craziest ones of them all………. GREG & TOTTO! I have NO idea how we would have managed this without you guys! It has been SO fun to work with you mad dogs, and I can’t wait till we can team up again!

Also, of course, a BIG thanks to Svante Stockselius,Bo Wahlberg, Avo Kockmann and all the others from EBU and T.E.A.M

Last, but definitely not least, and most probably the BIGGEST thank you of them all goes to my production team, Tobias, Matthias and Joan. OH MY GOD, do I owe you guys drinks or what! There was not a fire that we couldn’t put out, not a panic situation that we couldn’t solve, not a challenge that was too big! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Ouuuups! I ALMOST forgot! Victor, Anastasia, Miranda and ALL the others at Holiday Inn that took SO good care of us!

And remember…………….. If you EVER get the honour to host a Eurovision Song Contest……. Do NOT try to do it without Tarmo Krimm…………

And now, here are some smiling faces to remember the good times…..

Make no mistake, this has been the hardest production that I have ever done, and it has cost a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and I think we all walked out of that venue at least one year older. Was it worth it??? HELL YES! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

And for all of you that was involved in a Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time : Don’t be heartbroken and sad that it is over!

Be proud and happy over the fact that YOU were a part of it!


Ola Melzig: Production Damager.

P.S. Yes….. of course we made the load out, and were out of there on time!

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