Another day on full throttle. All is still going well, and oh my, the sun was actually out today!

Ok, just one more shot of Aquabeam before we continue………. This picture is taken in full daylight, and there is no fog in the arena, just the regular construction dust. The spot where they all hit the floor is warm enough to fry an egg. And that throw is over 50 meters.

Stage right LED mountain is being built.

Soon to be followed by Stage right side. We also started with the stage arcs today. And THAT is why Jocke and Per from Visual Act are here. Visual Act has built the arcs, and they are also supplying a bunch of VERY secret stuff for opening and interval acts. If I told you what, I would have to kill you, and we can’t have that!

And this is why Frank and JT from Switch Concept are here. We got BlackTrax in our show. But only for ONE song! And again, if I tell you which, I will have to kill you, and again, we can’t have that. Killing people is REALLY illegal in Sweden!

Our Cyberhoist guys are still smiling. I can’t believe that they forgot to bring BITTERBALLEN for me. So, new rule! If you are travelling here from The Netherlands, you SHALL bring Bitterballen for me, otherwise you will not be let into the country!

We got all the speakers up as well. We are using Martin MLX Subs and  L’acoustic K2 speakers in our show.

More fluffy boxes. And a couple of lighting fixtures.

We are not only using Cyberhoist for flying stuff that needs to move fast in the show. We are also, and I believe we are the first in the world ever doing this, using their hoists for stage automation. We have four footlight trusses loaded with Clay Paky Mythos that will travel up and down in the ramps on the LED mountain. And we thought, why not use Cyberhoist for this, since we already have them, the control system and crew in our show. We’re super smart! Except that one time a couple of nights ago when we went to a Greek restaurant for dinner and tried to explain to the waiter that we had 120 Mythos in our show. Complete failure……….

The backstage world is coming together as well. This is the area where we will make a brave attempt to store all props used in the three shows. Good luck with that………

Ok, I can tolerate the pink containers……. but WHO bought a PINK PELI CASE????????

Here is a boy with a big baguette! No really! Danny Williams shows up with the biggest sandwich you’ve ever seen every morning. He washes it down with a Red Bull. I’m sure his tummy loves him! I’ve known this awesome man for …… gosh….. more than 25 years! He is a singer too! He and his band , what was the name again………….? Anyway, they were the support act to Marky Mark at the Annex here at the Globe back in the early 90’s. One became an actor, and the other one a rigger!

It’s getting quite crowded in the roof now. The big square thing is the Globe Imag. We had to hang it in the high bridge above stage because we were way too heavy with loads on the lower bridge. We’ll compensate the loss of the Imag with 4 extra projection screens.
Aggreko are more or less done with running all the cables from the generator farm into the venue, hence the lack of light in this corridor. We are switching to show power the day after tomorrow. 3 days ahead of schedule!
And it was Erik Blomdahl’s birthday today! He turned 29! Happy Birthday young man! He will be much less happy and perky tomorrow………….

My dear Technical Manager for staging! Mr. Tobbe Magnesved Berg Olsson Gustavsson Persson…….. He changed his name recently and ended up with a REALLY long last name………. Love you!

Here is another very old and dear friend of mine. Meet Ulf & Brynte! Assisting head rigger to Mr.D.


Ok, clearly I can’t stop myself from going back to the animal kingdom……..so:

What do you call an alligator in a vest?
An investigator.

Oh well…… I’ll give you a bonus one today, since …… I don’t know……..

When I was filling out my paperwork for this show, in the part that says “If an emergency, notify:” I put “DOCTOR”. What’s my mother going to do?


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