How can you make sure you never miss your target? Shoot first, and whatever you hit, call it the target!
But we’ve still not missed anything and are still 24 hours ahead of schedule 🙂

So, as promised! Lets talk a bit more about Aquabeam!

We have 67 active units in our show, replacing all the Syncrolites we first thought of having. It was our dear friends at SHS Global who pointed us in this direction. Or…… actually, when entering the hall at LDI, we saw one extremely bright beam cutting through the entire venue. Me and Fredrik went “WTF???” We followed the beam and came to the SHS stand. Leigh-Anne and Jean were just laughing at us when we came up to their booth, saying they had been sending me emails about this fixture for months now. About time you made it over here to see exactly how awesome it is!

The fixture is driven by an Osram Sirius HRI 440s Bulb, and the focus point of the beam is almost 15 feet out from the lens, which gives it an amazing punch and output. We have 40 of them rigged off the railings around the equator at 35 meters height. And you can see the beams very clear even in bright daylight inside the venue. We’ve never seen anything quite like it, which is extremely interesting since this is something as rare as a Chinese original product, so it’s not a copy of something else. But it definitely has potential of being copied by manufacturers from the West! WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Today we continued with out mounting of LED. The upstage pieces are flown, and we need to get them out of the way so the scaffolding company can come in and start building the stage.

Our BMFL back followspots are up and running. Just behind them you can see parts of the wall of death that is rigged off Cyberhoist. Come to think about it, so are the back followspots. Fredrik is looking for at least one song in the show where we will lower the spot trusses and bring them into picture for a more rocky look. Lets see if we can find a song in this show that rocks enough to make that happen……….

But why on earth are Frank and JT from Switch Concept here? Well ……. besides our great coffee of course! Why don’t you think about that for 24 hours, and I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Same goes for Jocke and Per from Visual Act!? Again, I’ll tell you tomorrow 🙂

Finalizing the lighting trusses in the stage area.

Parallel to all the activities in the arena, there are activities and preparations in pretty much every room in the Globe at the moment. This is the future sound check room. Right now, Hairy and his boys have put up the entire live sound system, including the playback system and all the wireless gunkies in there just to make sure that everything is happy and donkydory. We are using Digico SD7 for monitor and sound check room, SD5 at FOH and SD9 for pre-listening of radio mics.

Even the make up rooms are ready, for some odd reason? It’s 14 days before we get any sort of performers in the house!

It’s nice and calm in the lighting crew room too. Joel, Lukas and Björn keeping their eyes on their investment on the stock exchange and trying to understand why the SVT network is blocking any attempt to download things that have Pamela Anderson tagged to it.
Joel’s Grandfather worked as a music teacher, and he told one of his students once that he should give up the guitar. His fingers were too fat, so there was no way that he would ever make it as a guitarist!
This is the student:
Click on the image and judge for yourself. I think he’s pretty darn good!
Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.
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