Finally! ( after a 24 our extra delay due to me messing things up)


Ladies and Gentlemen! WE ARE LIVE FROM MALMÖ ARENA!

It was with great pleasure and satisfaction we arrived to the arena this morning. I’ve been working with the technical planning of this event since mid August, so it was ABOUT time! There is a special feeling with walking into a venue to execute what you spent so many months planning.

And of course there is an extra nerve and excitement for me, doing such a big event in the city that I was born and raised in!



First two trucks were already on site when we arrived. We have DHL Trade Fairs & Events as our transport partner, taking care of all transports of technical gear, and I’ve to say it was a good start. We’ll unload a total of 85 trucks within the next weeks.

Bertil Göransson opening the very first truck. Historic moment. But the content was not that special. It’s only our production cases and toolboxes arriving today.

Two hours later, our temporary production office was up and running, complete with ice machines and espresso machines. We’ll move into our proper room on April 17.

We’re doing a sneak load in right now, since the venue is not officially handed over to us until April 17. All gear will be unloaded into the practice hall that is connected with the main arena, where it will be prepped and pre rigged, before we roll it into the venue to hang it. The day after tomorrow, the Swedish Championship in Floorball moves in. So Sören and his team took the oppertunity to mark all rigging points on the floor, before they lay the floorball floor on top. How many times can you say floor in one sentence?????

Abbe and Petter getting busy. They managed to mark out 400 points yesterday. GOOD JOB GUYS!

We got some other deliveries too yesterday. It has been proven that some productions don’t understand that utility vechicles are a good thing to have already from day one. We think different, so we had Johan and Martin deliver Gators and Segways yesterday, and in combination with the kick bikes we brought ourselves, we are now guaranteed a not to walk for 6 weeks in Malmö Arena.

Here is Bertil taking a test spin in the practice hall. This area will be slightly more occupied within soon, since we are unloading 15 trucks of lighting on Wednesday.

Dallas is not only a city in Texas, it’s also the nick name of our head of sound (to the left), here together with Starlight Production manager Fredrik Moritz. For you old readers: yes, you are absolutely right, it IS grumpy, from Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Welcome back buddy! Did you bring your coorporate card?

Our Operation Manager Axel Ekblad is celebrating satan while worshiping the sun. Tomorrow, him and I will go on a secret mission to Puttgarden…………….

Our health and safety manager Tomas Olsson is happy as a Teletubby in a male sauna. We are FINALLY in production.


We are the C in confused!


Keep on rocking!

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