Scooooooby Doooooooo!

So, after five days at work, we are ONE day ahead of schedule. That is the result of careful planning by people that know what they are doing!

I totally forgot this! One of the first things that was delivered to the venue was of course my Segway! Trust me, I REALLY hate doing shows without a Segway!

But there are of course other ways to get around in the venue, and quite unusual ways of packing them for transport here……….

And some items fit through the doors into the arena better than others. And ALL of them fit through those doors better than this cherry picker. We got it in, but you could not fit a post-it note in between the lift arm and the upper frame of the door……..

There is no doubt about who won the award for coolest crew swag of the week. This is Dala-Per in his original Spectra crew shirt from Eurovison Song Contest 2000- the last time this circus was in the Globe. RESPECT!

Now when most of the lights are up, we’ll go a bit more into detail of the fixtures we are using. Here is a teaser of the one we will cover tomorrow. And I’m sure most of you never even heard of it! AQUABEAM from SHS Global ladies and gentlemen. We found this puppy at LDI last year, and OMG it’s bright! We actually replaced all the Syncrolites that we planned to use in this show, with a fixture driven by a 440W lamp. It’s ABSOLUTELY amazing!

Here is another fun toy! We are using ROBE BMFL Spot as back followspots. Besides the handles being a standard BMFL accessory, the fixture also has three built-in followspot modes. Thank you Josef for keeping your ear to the ground and picking up what we users want! By the way, do you know what the first major show that used ROBE fixtures in the world was? Yep, you got it: Eurovision Song Contest 2005! This was the one show that took this brand up in the highest league!

We are now so much into Eurovision mode that even the dumpsters outside the venue are pink!

I know……….. I’ve been referring to our Head Rigger Sören Durango several times in this blog, without showing his picture. The problem is that he is so butt ugly that I HAD to wait for his gorgeous wife Carro to show up before I could post his picture, just to maintain the balance you know. The miracle in the middle is their new born daughter My, who was kind enough to show up a bit early, so her arrival would not interfere with dad’s work. She was expected on April 20 but decided to beat that by a couple of weeks, or months actually. I’m pretty sure who she got her inpatience from………… Some people claim that me and Sören look very alike.

I don’t agree…………………

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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