Hejsan Hejsan!

My operation team is working really hard on getting our Official App up and running. Since they are also the ones making sure to take pictures of the daily development, we’ll swing a different course today!

So, here are the fun facts of this year’s production. 24 hours before the press gets it tomorrow!


  • 1816 fixtures
  • Consumes 854 000 watts
  • 67 000 control channels
  • 61 km of cable just for lighting
  • Takes 5 main and 5 back up lighting desks to run the show
  • 16 followspot operators
  • 40 people involved to run lighting during broadcast


  • 1000 sqm of LED Screen
  • 71 000 002 pixels resolution
  • 12 media servers to handle all video content
  • 10 people required to create all content.
  • 56 High Output Projectors
  • High End MMS systems


  • 258 speakers
  • 825 600 watt output
  • 212 microphones
  • 18 IEM systems (In ear monitor)
  • 152 IEM recievers (In ear monitor)
  • 13 sound desks
  • 34 people involved to run sound during broadcast


  • 48 x flame units
  • 50 x firing positions
  • 6 x Heavy Fog Outlets


  • 212 tons of rigged gear in the roof
  • 112 Cyberhoist
  • 735 rigging points
  • 3262 meters of truss
  • 42 riggers to get everything up


  • 7 Megawatts at full capacity
  • 18 Generators
  • 20 000 Liter of fuel used every day
  • 38,5 km of high voltage cable


  • Stage weighs 30 tons
  • 350 sqm performance area
  • Height 14 meters
  • Width 70 meters
  • Depth 28 meters
  • 8 000 work hours in pre production
  • 40 stage techs to handle change overs during broadcast


  • 30 cameras in total- 19 for show broadcast
  • 50 people involved to handle broadcast
  • 2 directors
  • We are using Cuepilot
  • 1 x 2d camera and 1 x 1D camera, 3 cranes, 2 rails


  • 200 trucks of gear
  • 100 stage hands for load in, 150 for load out


  • 22 000 pcs of scaff
  • It weights 450 tons
  • 7 573 seats
  • 60 wheelchair seats


Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

This is from the stage left audience grandstands looking towards the stage. Hopefully soon the floor will be cleared. Seriously guys, move all this crap! My Segway is getting dusty!

And the grandstands continue to grow! Here’s Henk van de Garskamp from Unbranded who just found his way out of the maze! It’s hell trying to find catering!

Saturday was Hans Cromheecke’s birthday so we celebrated with some cake – chocolate of course!

Name: Carsten Jäckel

Title: Cyberhoist Op/Technician

OM: So you’re German. Tell me something funny.

CJ: Germans are not funny.  OM: Ha ha, that was funny!

OM: Thanks for the name tag on your helmet – but when we worked together in Baku, your helmet said “Schinderhanes”. Did you change your name?

CJ: No that means like a worker guy that pushes things. The stagehands were always on a break so I was always pushing things where they needed to go and the other guys stuck that on my helmet. But like you, everyone thought it was my name saying, “Good morning Schinderhanes!”

OM: Tell me something people wouldn’t guess about you.

CJ: Actually last year in Stockholm I was getting easily frustrated, you know like when you’re standing in line at the store and someone in front of you is paying in coins, or you drive into the car wash and suddenly think, “I’m trapped, now what?!” So a friend who teaches yoga taught me breathing exercises and now I do that a lot.   OM: You didn’t know how to breathe??  I thought that was a pretty basic skill…..

Name: John “JonnyMac” McDonough

Title: Technical Manager Grandstands

OM: So you’e the owner of the lost Nitro Circus shirt that was hanging in the office for 4 days. I was gonna take it.

JM: Beat you to it! This actually isn’t mine, I just thought it looked nice, plus it was clean.

OM: What’s your secret talent?

JM: I’m the King of Bad Jokes

OM: Awesome, tell me one!

JM: Why was 6 afraid of 7?

OM: Why?

JM: Cause 7 ate 9

OM: That is bad. What did 0 say to 8?

JM: What?

OM: “Nice belt.”



If you’re a kleptomaniac, is there something you can take for it?


So many questions……….

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