April 6


Come on Moscow!!!!!

Where is the spring and the sun???

As usual when it comes to the Eurovision, the weather won’t improve until the delegations arrive in the beginning of May………….. NOT FAIR!


But besides that, we are moving forward.

Remember the giant pile of scaff that I showed you yesterday?

Well……… here is what happened overnight. A local stage crew came in and built something quite big!

Actually, THIS big!

This scaff will connect to the mothergrid, and that way we can distribute some of the load from the grid to the ground. As usual, when it comes to this show, we are over the general load capacity of the venue, so everything we do in here needs to be planned into the smallest detail, and reported to the engineers.

Another day, another truck………..

There is an endless stream of trucks are arriving with all the bits and pieces we need to pull this off.

Angelika Appell and Dana Cicin-Angul looking for the ladies room.

At least, that is what we think the sign says…………

Good for you! I speak Swedish, and that is MUCH harder Cool

Rich Gorrod making yet another change in the truss layout. There are still things added in the roof, and that means that we need to move things to left and right to make it all fit.

After all, it IS the Eurovision Song Contest………..

A small piece of the ring from Hell! I’m still not telling you what it really is, you just have to stay tuned!

Our workshop manager Björn Mittlestedt has gone under cover. Rumor says that he is escaping from a bill from Holiday Inn…………. Imagine that!

We got some lights in da house! First trusses are up, and there are MANY more to follow.

Speaking of many…….. 33 of totally 7 600 pieces of Schnick Schnacks……..

It has turned into the ¨duck tape¨of this production.

If you can’t fix it with SS, you can most probably not fix it!

Sign of the day. Better keep your eyes open!

It is the law!


I was about to write Stul here, since I learned that it means cheers yesterday.

It turns out that it means CHAIRS……….. small difference…………….


Over and out from Moscow!

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