Day three in the Globe, and all is well. Still ahead of schedule in all areas, and it still rains………..

I thought I should do a round of presentations of our team on site at the Globe. This is my Technical Manager for lighting, Mr. Peter Andersson who most people know by his nickname: ANGRY. Turns out that it was Bullen who gave him that nickname………….

Grumpy is back! He got that nickname from ME 🙂 Fredrik Moritz is Assistant Technical Manager for Lights, which might very well be one of the longest titles in the entire project………..

Our Production Manager Axel Ekblad who looks after most things that have to do with daily operation of the venue and accreditations. His nickname is Achmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

Tobias Brodd, who our LD claims looks like a bum with an income. He is our Head of CAD, when he’s not in the area hiding behind various drapes. I just saw that my dear wife named this picture BRODDE, so there you go, you’ve got a nickname too.

Another metal lighting designer for ya: Magnus Thornqvist, or MT as most people know him, usually travels around the world with Danko Jones. But right now he works as a lighting tech in SCHLAGER LAND 🙂

Last team member introduction for today: My Head of Sound, Mr. Oskar Johansson. And, I know it’s shocking, but he actually comes without a nickname. But feel free to send in suggestions to :schnabelkase@m-m-pr.com Best suggestion wins swag from the sound crew.

Ok, back to work! Our generator farm is being installed. We are running on venue power at the moment, but will swap over to generator power in little over a week. I guess it’s hard to miss the fact that it’s Aggreko who supplies our power.

The mains will go from the generator farm under the steel protection and up the scaff ramp into the venue.

Once inside the not so small hole in the wall, they will travel on newly installed cable hooks in the ceiling on its way into the arena.

When they reach the venue door, Robert will stand there smiling, pushing them through the last hole. Please note, do not leave your kick bike anywhere near this man. He will duck tape the hell out of it, and that goes for all his evil evil friends too……… I still have emotional scars from Eurovision 2010……………

Anyway….. once they are inside the venue room, they will be guided up to the dimmer area via this scaff structure, that is in place to protect the parameter board.

It’s not only the hoists that got a facelift! Here is the Cyberhoist Generation II control.

Atomic 3000 LED in da house.

Too busy to come up with a silly joke today, so why don’t you just push the blue button below……….

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