April 6

Yes yes I know it’s not April 6 but we’re getting very close to being caught up (on the diary anyway!)

Lots of photos but no vlog today, sorry, too much going on! But I’m planning something brilliant…..l won’t disappoint!

So on Thursday we built the generator compound……and they brought a small bit of cable…….

Now, in the past we’ve posted what could be considered porn for lighting geeks. These photos are for all you cable management horny people out there…..


Oh baby that’s how I like it……..

And we even use protection!

Here I am enjoying a fine lunch! I have to say, for the second time in the history of this show, I am REALLY pleased with catering! Finally a match to the one we
had in Norway back in 2010. Who was the Executive Producer back then? Jon Ola Sand of course, who is now the Executive Supervisor from EBU, a great boss and my dear friend in life!

With my friends JonnyMac and Angry (the video bomber)……. We get salad to every meal, soup to most of them, real plates, real knives and forks, good food, desserts and sodas. Thanks for taking so good care of us Ukraine!

Since we have a standing audience we need to paint the arena floor but it was required that we did a small test first to see that we could get the paint off after the show. So next to one of our production containers we did a sample which turned into a living postcard that the crew is signing. Of course it gets dirty and needs to be cleaned every day. So even the cleaning lady signed it!

Marco Kempen from Unbranded with the Handsome German. Love you guys!!!

Our little container town behind the venue continues to grow……This is the start of the TV compound that we will establish next week.

Name: Dana Cicin-Angul

Title: Lighting Technician, PRG

OM: Either that’s a really big light or you’re a very small girl! Which is it?

DCA: Actually it’s neither — I used to play pro basketball for the German Olympic team but I got bored so I got into lighting.  OM: And that’s the PRG GroundControl Long Throw which is a small size considering what it does! And I think it’s the world premiere of this fixture actually!

OM: But this is not your first time modeling with PRG lighting equipment is it?

DCA: Uhhhh….no comment.

OM off the record: These photos were taken during Eurovision 2010 in Norway when “Lego Dana” was helping repair a Bad Boy….you bad girl!!




Two riggers walk into a bar.

You’d think the second one would have noticed…..

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