Puschkin everybody!

I have no idea what that means, but it sounds Russian!

Anyway, here we are, on day 5. Everything is still on track, besides the weather!

I’m starting to belive that Russian summer is more like 5 weeks of bad skiing!

The scaff for F.O.H is up! We found a great position for it this year, dead center of the stage. We’ll have sound on the first level, stage motion and moving trusses on the second level, and finally lighting and video on the third level. We’ll set up the media server village under the bleacher on the right hand side.

We’re using four different types of LED this year. One of them being Stealth, from Element Labs. We’ll have 300 sqm of it, that will be used to create the upper part of the first back wall layer, and the curved shape that will come in over the stage, creating a roof on stage left.

Most of the trusses has been configured and tested on the ground, and are ready to go up, as soon as the rigging points are done.

There has been some hick ups with the catering the first week, so yesterday, in order to make us happy again, they gave us pizza in addition to the regular meal. It worked!!!! Apology accepted!

Thank you SO much!

By the way, the guy in green shirt drinking some red juice is Jim Fainberg, our Stage Technical Director.

I told you I would manage to take his picture!!!!!

Since the pre production and planning of this show was very late, there are still things to be added in the roof.

This creates some difficulties for our rigging team, that needs to move things to left and right, in order to make it all fit.

Here is Martin Witte, Philip Boht, Ralf Matthiä and Michael Bluhm going over the next task.

Martin Fruck is in da house! Too bad that he will leave us in a week Cry

He will fly directly from here to Shanghai, where he will be the headrigger for Volkswagen on the car show down there.

Make NO mistake, he will NOT have as much fun as we will!

As you can see, the catwalk is not very spaceious……………

Here he is! Frank Karpinski, our crew chief for the lighting geeks.

My OSM (on site manager) Matthias Rau together with Ralf Streeckmann up on the catwalk.

The view of the venue from the catwalk. Believe it or not, but we’ve unloaded 26 trucks now, and it still looks like NOTHING in this giant arena…..

But we do have another 65 trucks to go………………


Sign of the day!


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