Hello music lovers!
Last day of pre-production fluff. Tomorrow we’ll report from our first day at the arena, and possibly our first night in the lobby bar…………

Yes, there is actually such thing as schnabelkase(at)m-m-pr.com……….. Not even Joan knew! 🙂 The first correct guess about whom was hiding behind the giant M in our production office was Christian S.L. Hauge. A lighting freelancer from Norway. He quite correctly guessed the obvious…… it was me……..An official crew t-shirt will be sent out to you asap! Congratulations!

I thought we should jump over the water and visit Litecom in Denmark, to see how they were doing with their prep.
Everything we recieved so far has been extremely nice and tidy, and their FOH network racks are no exception.

We’re using close to 1100 moving lights in this show, and each and every one of them are tested, addressed and labeled before they arrive to the venue.

Litecom recently aquired this facility. It used to be a high voltage experiment lab!!! I mean, how cool is that? A high voltage experiment lab? The place is huge, and will be turned into the largest rehearsal facility in Scandinavia. But for now it’s used for prep of all our gear.

Whoever uses the most MA Lighting Network Nodes on a show before you die wins!

Needless to say, that goes for MA Lighting NPU’s as well!

I’m sure you’ve heard there is a new STROBE in town. We decided to get 200 of them, just to be on the safe side!

Pretty and tight truck loading schedules from Litecom.

Ok, I guess I lied on top of the page…….. I totally forgot that we actually went to the venue already yesterday. Here she is, nice and tidy!

We had a crane in to load some winches for 2-D cameras and other fun stuff. This had to be done before the riggers came in this morning, starting with the quite extensive floor marking.

We also got the scaff platforms for dimmers SL and SR in place yesterday. So we are all good for Monday morning fun to begin.

I’m sure many of you have a name that means something really strange in another country. But does ANYONE has a name that translates to Ice cream??? I thought so, I’m special………. my teacher used to say that to me all the time, and it has been repeated by my family ever since…………..

A baby seal walked into a club……………… HEY! That is NOT a fish joke!


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