April 30


Hejsan svejsan and welcome back to the Kingdom of Schlager! Weather is warm and cozy and it looks like perfect weather for spending our day off on Thursday on the beach! Mind you, there will not be an update on May 02, but I’ll compensate that with one on Saturday. Ok?

It’s been very busy over the weekend. We finally go access to the full area on Saturday, so everything you see on this image belongs to us now, besides Shira, whom has been belonging to us for quite some time now!

And all this is also ours, including the mud pool that the exhibition that was here left behind. Thank you! Retards……………..

Say Welcome to the Welcome desk! This is the first stop when you come into our Press Center.

The Press Center will have 500 working spaces once it’s ready.

And here is our Press Conference stage in the building next to the Press Center.

We will be able to host up to 500 journalists for a press conference in here. It’s usually only the press conference with the winner that attracts that many journalists though.

Say HELLO to Reut Dar! Reut is the Site Manager for Pavilion 1. Remember I told you that we’ve split the production into two halls? Let’s check out what they have been up to in here over the weekend!

Irgunit has started to build a big ass Green Room platform. This platform will host 26 countries in its full configuration.

We’re also building a Grand Stand in here since we will have live audience in the Green Room for the Grand Final.

On the other side of the hall, we’ve been very busy with building the dressing rooms where the artists will hang out prior to their performance.

You will also find the Eurovision Wall of Fame in this area.

But of course the question we all are seeking the answer to is this one. If you put your bet on Hawaii, I’m afraid you’ll looooooooose!

The print outside the hair and make up! Quite funny 🙂

Here is the tunnel that connects Pavillion 1 with Pavilion 2. The rooms you see on the right-hand side is where the IEM rehearsal will move within soon. You will find both dressing rooms for male and female and the actual IEM rehearsal studio here.

Once you’ve passed here you only have the mic check station before you are ready to enter our stage and perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. Oh yes, you also need to make sure that you qualify to represent your country before you can show up here! Details……….

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