This is Olso calling!

Welcome back to the funny farm! I almost wish that I could report about any scandals, or big problems, but the truth is that we are still happy as clowns in a makeup store.

I almost managed to lure a couple of the Aggreko boys to a place called London yesterday, but my lovely production assistant, and wife, Joan blew that one. I need to spank her. It would have been a sight for sore eyes to watch those guys entering that place…….. Oh well, there are many more people to trick around here, I’m sure I can come up with something else just as fun.

Rob Anderton is having a cup of coffee. We managed to drink 8500 cups of coffee so far, and we’ve only been here for 8 days!

Matthias Rau is enjoying another day at the office. He has many reasons to smile, first of all, he gets to share an office with me, but the fact that PRG is actually ahead of schedule in some areas might help as well!

Tents for Events continues to building tents outside the venue. As you can see, the weather improved, and the sun is back on!

Here it is! The newest and coolest desk on the market! PRG V676!

So, I asked Mirko if we could move all the points 35 cm off stage. This is the look he gave me………………… And no points were moved……………….

High speed roll ups for set pieces are in place. I would love to tell you what is going on there, but for now, it’s for me to know, and you to try to figure out! Feel free to come with suggestions on Facebook!

What is the man with the golden gun compared to the men with the silver balls? You already know Kirsten Weltzin from the set design team. Here is Trond-Olav Erga and Audun Stjern. Now I just have to chase down Bonsak Shieldrop, and you will have a face of all four of them!

The Honolulu delegation is taking this show VERY serious! They actually sent a dancer all the way to Norway, to try the stage, and make sure that it’s not too slippery for their performance. Maybe someone should inform them that they are not in the contest??????

Here comes a HI KIDS from Big Al from Aggreko! He refuse to come outside the Aggreko compound. It all started with me threatening him that I WILL kiss him on the cheek before this production is over. Situation didn’t improve after me getting an email from his wife Shirley, saying that she is ok with this. I’ll catch you one of these days Al! But for know, BIG HUGS AND KISSES for Sophie and Amy from dad!

Ok, I admit it, it wasn’t John’s idea to scan his passport, apparently, that was mine……… If you need to blame someone for something within the four walls of this building, the law says you should blame me……..


Showled is in da house! Almost 900 sqm of it! And as you can see, it has NRK stickers on them, which means that they’ve been sniffed by the bombdogs, and are now in the safe zone.

Tino and Toon munching away on some grapes. It’s SO awesome! Bama is sponsoring the event with fresh fruit, so every day, we get a nice fruit platter to our office. What a treat! Really nice touch.

Says it all doesn’t it?


Norwegian quote of the day is: ¨Adventure is just bad planning¨

Wise words from Roald Amundsen


And for all of you working in the same industry as us:


You worked with events too long when:

1* When you refer to the lights in your living room as ¨the house lights¨

2* You refer to pieces of equipment as they were people with feelings

3* A par can seems a perfectly reasonable way to heat up food.


Ola has left the building.

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