Hej musikelskere!

Yet another day in the mine………… No…….. Some of us, like myself does NOT get a single day off during this production………….. I will cry all the way to the bank…………

Florentin von Frankenberg and Gil Densham from CAST Software is in da house!

Katja Aiha is in da house as one of our followspot operators. We first met Katja at Eurovision 2007 in Helsinki! Welcome back girl! Euroclub anyone???

Overheard at FOH: ¨I think it’s the most gay lighting I could possibly do¨ After all these years of research and development………..

Jon Ola Sand is in da house! But his spirit is always present! Welcome to my home town boss! Good to have you here! The sex God next to him, is my German Scottish BFF.

Did I mention that Malmö Arena is right across the street from the COOLEST and BIGGEST mall in Sweden? Emporia was built not too long ago and we have everything we need in less than a 1 minute walk! I think my dear wife already bought 7 pairs of shoes………

I only got one pair so far, but mine are much cooler!

We started to build green room a couple of days ago. It’s located in the practice hall that we used for load in and prep of eq. We’ll actaully have an 800 people strong crowd in here during broadcasts!

Lasse Jedermark is in da house! This is the 6th Eurovision as a steel rigger. On days off, he likes to farm shrimps and kill pandas.

Pretty cool guitar right? But look closer……

Wicked huh? And the damn thing is in PERFECT intonation over the entire fingerboard.

A bit of a blur but here’s the backstage props storage and Markku couldn’t resist jumping into shot! Kaboom on you too

And with that, I have to ressurect one of the best photos of Markku from Norway in 2010:

What could possibly go wrong?

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