Here we go again!

Day 5! Or is it 6??

They kind of blend together……….

The venue at 9:00 AM

Do you remember that I referred to the mother grid as a monster, well…………… here is the reason!

The total truss count is 4 kilometers! Yes, you heard correct, 4 000 METERS!!!!!!

Here is Oxana Fonareva, she is assistant to Jim Fainberg, our Stage Technical Director, you know

the guy who always refuses to have his picture taken. But don’t worry, I’ll catch him one of these days!

Oxana is posing in front of the constrution of the ¨Ring from Hell¨

You’ll just have to keep your eyes open! One of these days I will explain more in detail about this thing!

So, what is it that can light a quarter of this arena all by itself???

You got it!

BAD BOY is in da house!

This is the BRAND SPANKING NEW fixture from PRG. There are 150 of these babies in the world!

Oasis has 12, and Britney Spears is using 28

How many we have?


WE HAVE 72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eat our dust!

Me doing arty shots……………..

Meanwhile in London:

Here is the virtual studio where Al Gurdon and his team are spending most of their time at the moment,

programming poptastic lighting and video to the 42 songs.

The strange thing is that I haven’t been able to spot a single teapot in this picture…………

Meanwhile in the parking area:

Generators are here! These guys has a capacity to generate 8 Megawatt of power, including the back up.

It is all managed by a company named Hi Ted.

So….. I guess I forgot to post a sign yesterday……………

Well, here is todays one anyway! Got to be careful!



Then bar………………….

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