April 29


Hejsan Hoppsan! Welcome back after the weekend! And welcome back ME! I’ve been in Stockholm over the weekend! But more about that tomorrow!

Say HELLO to Jan Hermenau from Highlight Event, where he is Director Sponsorship and Events. He brings in all the sponsors and looks after all our technical partners. And he brings me hoodies! Sometimes……… he claims he has a tank top for me this year…….. not too sure that the world is ready to see me in a tank top………..ever…………

This MIGHT be the EBU Executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand! But it can be a blury look alike! If I told you, I would have to kill you!

And speaking of death! Friday was the day when we finally put some dead meat in the smoker and took it for a test run. As you can see, the Litecom crew has been waiting for this day for quite some time!

Check this out! Pork Belly that has been in the smoker for ten hours! OMG!!!!!!! Pellet smokers is DA SHIT!

We also did chicken and lamb racks. It was all to die for! Me and Girts should open a catering company!!!!!!

V for victory from Rasmus Bremer, co owner of Litecom.

Not sure what this expression means, but it looks like Blomfisk was quite happy with the treat!

This is his favorite song by the way!

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