Well, hello!

Over here, we’re still happy as strippers at a pole sale! Before we jump into today’s update, I just have to ask you: What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?



Sound jokes will be back tomorrow!

Klimper and PRG power technician Ulf, who came in yesterday, complete with batteries.

Today we continued with the spines over the tribunes. Trusses that go over the tribunes are just the one favorite things that light techs love to hate!

Hey, let’s hang yet another colourblock! We got 1852 of them!

The compound behind the production office is starting to get in shape, and people have started to move into them.

Lennart, ready to hug the entire world. I’m, telling you, there is a lot of LOVE in the house!

We also installed the lifting boards on stage left today. Props tends to get bigger and heavier for every year, and ramping stuff is just a nightmare, and very space consuming.

Ian and Gareth waving to their fans from the Kinesys platform that they call their home these days.

Another truck with stuff from Showtex arrived today, and we’ll start rigging this part of the set on Sunday. But I can’t tell you what it is, until the stage design becomes official on May 6!

And I have advanced from Kabuki rigger to someone that is trusted with buttons! Cool huh?

Dana is doing her Lego people impersonation! I hope I’ll get a new pose from her tomorrow!

WHY????? Non-alcoholic beer?? Serioulsy mate! Who ordered this? What’s next? Meatless tobacco and veggie burgers??

We got some great pictures from the flash mob that showed up in Ljubljana from our friends in Slovenia.

As you can see, a lot of people showed up! SHARE THE MOMENT!

So, we got really inspired from this and decided to join the moment. So, I give you the PRG crew, demostrating the “Bow & Arrow” move.

Even Al Gurdon wanted in, so he dressed up as Alice Cooper, as you do, and joined! We need to work on his dance moves though……..

You too can learn the Bow & Arrow move HERE!

OSLO BY NIGHT! Danny went down to the beach last night, and snapped this great shot! And no, it’s not the sun setting, is the moon rising!


I’m sure you are exhausted after yesterday’s lesson in Norwegian phrases, so I’ll jump over to famous quotes instead.

Thor Heyerdahl, a world famous ethnologist must have known several lighting designers. Maybe one or two of them were on the Kon-Tiki raft…….. My all time favorite quote from him is:

¨Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.¨

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