May 9


Pari Geshare darlings!

First day of dummie rehearsals, and WHAT A DAY! I’m SO impressed with our stand ins from Baardar Dance Academy. Never before have the stand ins for the real artists put more energy and work into their mission, and never before have they been even close to performing as good as these students did. It was absolutely MAGIC in every sense of the word.


I’m sure you recognize this young man! Timo Kauristo ladies and gentlemen. Timo has been my partner in crime for MANY years, and been on my Eurovision crew not less than 7 times. Here he is demonstrating the Vulcan Hardhat from a dressing room somewhere in the world. I believe he is on tour with HIM at the moment.

And now he looks like Yosemite Sam gone grey, with a mushroom on his head!

The Supertechno Crane sure looks a little bit like a Haubits canon!

The props area behind the stage starts to get pretty crowded. In general, all props are stored in a tent behind the venue, but some of the big and heavy pieces will be permanent on the stage.

Last minute in ear monitor fiddling in the back stage area.

I lost my kick bike yesterday. I searched the entire venue, inside and out, without success, so with tears in my eyes, I had to report it stolen to our H+S manger Tove.

Less than 30 minutes later, she came with it! My precious was back! She found it at FOH for sound, the only place I didn’t look. Sound Jokes WILL come back boys, and I’ll smear your mixers with seal fat!

Hey! Butterfly confetti! Markku from Pyroman must be in the neighborhood

Klimper is voting for Brazil in most things, including Eurovision. Should I tell him that they are not in the contest?

And the Dance Flash Mob in Dublin attracted a lot of people the other day. If you look close, you can spot both Kerri-Ann Keogh in a potato pattern dress and Peter Canning in a pink mankini in there!

Lucky, that by the way, got last in Oslo some nights ago…….helps himself with a cup of Espresso from my pimped party case.


So…………. as we all know, women with big breasts work at Hooters. But do you know where women with only one leg work?


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