April 28

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome back! And THANK YOU Joan for your detailed and thorough report from the wonderful world of diesel yesterday!


Apr27 20

The very first concert I ever went to was ABBA! It was the summer of 1974 when they did a tour in Sweden after winning Eurovision. I was 8 years old, but my mum told the guy at the entrance that I was only 7, so I got in for free 🙂
I remembered coming home after the concert, all winded up having an extremely hard time to fall to sleep. Because I knew that I just had to get into the music industry one way or the other. I finally did, many years later, but not on stage, as I first expected, but behind. I have NO complaints, 14 Eurovisions down the road, how could I have????

And we got a new ham too! The office has been VERY empty the past week, since there was a hiccup in the ham delivery schedule! It was horrible! Truly! But now we got one in the rack, and one on stand by, so we are back on schedule! Pheeeeeeeeeew!

Da da dadadada da da da! Tequila!!!!!! Nooooo, there is an alcohol ban on this production, so we have to settle with the Sombrero, which I bought as an alterntive to present to everyone in this production chasing me for a Riedel Bolero.
Proudly showcased by Paulo, here together with Oliver Leigers, our engineer signing off the rib structure and Dennis vand der Haagen from Ampco Flashlight.

Crew BBQ is about to happen! So a lot of our waters had to be removed to fit sausages, pork and salad. This will be AWESOME!

Remember our chairs from last year? Well……….. as we grow older, so do our titles, and maybe they were a bit cooler last year.

How many buttons can you have on a Riedel panel???? MANY!

Say HELLO to the wonderful Nadja Burkhardt! Nadja is the Event Supervisor from EBU. Love this girl to pieces!

And say HELLO to Jan Hermanau who is our Director for Sponsorship & Events from Highlight Event AG. It’s good to see the team coming back together in all aspects of the production!

Here is a sneak peak from this morning’s preperations for the crew BBQ. Yes, from April 28- which means that right now, in this moment, we are SUPERLIVE from Lisbon!

We got 30kg of pork neck for the smoker. Here is Tarmo being busy with cutting slices into the pieces, to allow the smoke to penetrate the meat better.

It’s a dirty job, but someones gotta do it. But I leave that for my people!

Oh nooooooo! She is BACK! The scary clown from the 150 year Cinco De Mayo show I did in Puebla is back to haunt the production office. She looks an awful lot like Melanie………..

Lets go back to 2007 today! I was SO sure this song would win the whole damn thing, that I bet 500 Swedish Kronas on it. A couple of weeks after coming back to Sweden, I got the credit card bill. This is when I realized that I made the bet in Euros, which was worth 12 times more at the time. Love hurts………..

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