Yo all you fine lovers of true culture! Hope life is GOOD!

I think it has come to that time of the year, when it’s in place to remind you readers that you shouldn’t take this diary TOO serious!

The company that supplied the Atomic strobes was NOT informed that they needed to supply other plugs than shuckos on their fixtures, so for what it’s worth, we do NOT blame them for anything! As I said, RIchie blames it on Matthias, Matthias blames it on Richie, and they both blame me! End of story!

I can’t believe it, there are now over 1 000 members in the facebook group! That’s AMAZING! Thanks for all the nice comments! We’ll continue to try to please you! Remember, we’re not happy until you are not happy!

Sound boys will come in tomorrow, so I’ll put a lid on the sound jokes for now………..

Today we continued with the spines on Stage Right side. Plenty of truss in da house!

As you can see, all the stuff on the floor swaped sides overnight, so we could lay out the trusses.

Thomas, Roy, and his team continued with the stage today. Right now, they are busy with laying out the laminate floor that covers all areas of the stage, besides the glass floor. Did you know that we had a piece of this floor in the entrance to the design department at NRK for months. People were forced to walk over it to enter the department. We wanted to see how bad it got scratched under heavy use!

Elisabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth! This wonderful, always smiling girl is the Production Manager for the TV show. Understatement of the year would be to say that she had a busy couple of months……. Hang in there girl, you are FANTASTIC!

It’s a bit gray weather today, but it’s still nice enough to sit outside and enjoy a latte. Elmar and Toon, two of our video guys, are enjoying the moment. I worked with Toon on the Eurovision Song Contest Jr in Kyiv last year. One of these days, I have to show him some of the pictures from that trip. They will NEVER be posted in here…………… When a litre of vodka cost 3 Euros, you will end up with pictures that you prefer to keep to yourself…………….

Once the spines were up, it was time for the audience trusses, that are configured with Bad Boys. There are also some Mac 2000 on the first one on the Stage Left side, with a secrest mission, that I can’t tell you about just yet!

Jono, who is the project manager from Aggreko, and Klimperssen who is the Head of dimmers from PRG having a chat at dimmer area Stage Right.

John van Look scanned his passport picture for accreditation, I think the new one, to the right, is MUCH better!

We had to behave extra well yesterday, since we had VERY important guests in the house! Svante Stockselius, who is the EBU Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest came to visit, together with Bo Wahlberg, who is EBU technical supervisor. Needless to say, they were VERY pleased with what they saw. Svante won Europapriset a couple of weeks ago. CONGRATULATIONS! This year’s contest is the 7th under his supervision.

Dr Love, Sasha and Mayo taking a break from their busy job as riggers.

Richie flipped up a Virtuoso on Stage Right so he can flash through the rig as we go. Andy Voller will run his part of the show on a PRG V676. And that is REALLY cool! The system was used on the Olympics in Vancouver, so the Eurovision will be the second major show in the world, using this desk. And the case was JUST the same when Virtuoso came back in 2000, Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm that year, was one of the first major show using it, so the circle is closed Cool

Here he is! Roy! Thomas’ partner in crime for the stage. When are we going fishing buddy?

Hey, the Kabuki rigger is out running again! This time on the arena floor! And as you can see, it’s totally empty on the floor…… I’m indeed the ONLY person working here…….


Sorry for the late update by the way! Many things has been poking on my attention today!


For today’s lesson in Norwegian, I’ll give you: Viggo Vennelös= You know that kind of person, that always ends up sitting all alone in catering…….

Over and out from Mr Mumsig!

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