April 26


Heyuch everybody! Hope your life is as good as ours in the cave of confetti! Summer is here, with 28° and clear blue sky! I would much rather be on the beach, but my contract says otherwise………

It is FINALLY time to do a first test run with the smoker! So, we invaded Johannes desk and started marinating stuff!

Since it’s Litecoms smoker, it’s only fair that the first test smoke is dedicated to the lighting crew + special guests of course. And it’s only fair that their Key Account Manager Girts gets his hands as dirty as mine!

I’ll be back on Monday with a full report from the smoker party! Let’s dive down to Minus 1 floor today! A lot of things have happend since we were there last time. All our suppliers have moved into their workshops in this cool and sunless hole under the main hall. Say hello to Yung-Min and Francesca from Riedel. We’ll get back to these cats at a later stage for a full report of what they are actually doing in this project!

But I can already now reveal that they are supplying all networks, printers and signal distribution for the production. That part is managed by young handsome Joel and his team, that always march around the compound as a flock of ducks for some reason.

If your look close in their workshop, you will discover this secret case, that is filled with something completely different than the labels says!

The dressing rooms and make up areas for our opening and interval acts are ready. Just need to remove the plastic covers on the carpets and fill them with talent. But it will take a while before that happens!

The IEM (In Ear Monitor) soundcheck is also here at the moment. It will move to its final position in a couple of days.

This is where all artists, including our stand ins, will do a 30 minutes IEM rehearsal prior to coming on stage to perform. This way, we can focus all their onstage time for camera rehearsals. The settings for each country is saved to a memory stick and uploaded at the Monitor FOH located Stage Right in the main hall. Right now it’s a pretty long distance to run with the stick, but once we move the rehearsal, it will only be a 20 meter walk.

Say HELLO to our pixel smurfs! Frank, Thomas from Gravity is providing all video screen content for the show, besides 16 countrys that are bringing their own. They started the production in their headquarters in Hamburg, but moved into our venue a couple of days ago, and will be here till the bitter end.  I believe this is Eurovision 5 or 6 for them. Always a pleasure to have them onboard!

The video canvas in our stage has a resolution of 16 998 976 pixels , so the content files are quite heavy…………..

Right next door is the Litecom office. Besides lights and smokers, they also have balloons! Because they are awesome!

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