Apperently Iestyn Timberlake….oh, I mean Thomas was bored the other day. He started to count the cars, passing his hotel room on the highway outside the hotel. His conclusion of this experiment is that 2,500,000 cars will pass his hotel room during the 39 days he will stay at the hotel! Lots of cars in Moscow!!!!

Cables, cables cables……. Besides the 24 kilometers of power cable we brought, and the 18 kilometers of data cable, we also have the cables from the generators (did I ever get back to you about the length on those?), and of course, all the camera and intercom cable that is coming with the trucks from Alfa cam.

Al and his team continue hammering in those cues into the desks, adjusting them to the time code, and preparing everything to be ready for the first artist rehearsals that start on May 3. It looks REALLY good, even though there is a complete absence of pink looks. The operators like it here, and do not want to anger Al with pink and risk being terminated!

Our 3D cam was rigged today. It will operate in the area over the audience, and it will have to be very carefully planned and coordinated with all the moving objects that are out in this area.

Here is our catering. With Henke in the middle, causing commotion since he didn’t have the right ticket.

I don’t need catering any longer! I found a sugar daddy that provides me with the GOOD shit! I mean, Steak & Kidney pie can only be outdone by Stake & Ale pie……… Islanders…… How come that this nation has the BEST tour catering in the world? They really do, the homeland of Steak & Kidney pie…… AMAZING! I don’t get it!

Most of the graphic is rendered and uploaded in the servers.

PUFFERFISH! The first ones arrived yesterday, and we are now keeping full speed ahead to rig them, so they’ll be ready for the rehearsals on the 3rd.

I think spring is here to stay. It’s REALLY warm, sunny and nice here. Yesterday, it was 23°C, I think it is getting close to the traditional ESC BBQ!!!!! Kerri-Ann is taking a break, enjoying the sun. Since she is from Ireland, she’s not used to weather like this, since we all know that it always rains in Ireland, you always have a headwind, and, for Christ sake, don’t get a bike, because there is only uphill! Quite strange when I come to think about it actually………..

We have a new attitude towards the Delegations this year. I’m sure they’ll like it!!!!


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