Gamarjoba dear friends!

Hope life is good! Over here, it’s awesome. Still on schedule, and almost no speed bumps at all. By the way! Do you know what the difference is between God and a sound engineer? God doesn’t think he’s a sound engineer………. I know……. I’ll have the entire sound crew chasing me before we’re done, but I just can’t help myself…… But that’s not at all why we are here, is it?

We’ve managed to get quite a few empty boxes out of the arena now, which is great, since we had to clear the entire floor on stage last night, so we could start working on the ¨spine trusses¨

Once they are up on SL, we have to move all gear to the other side of the 2-D cam rail you see running down the middle, and build the spines on stage right.

The main performance area, which is a round glass stage, is done, and Thomas & Roy will continue with the sides and backstage later on today.

Here is Joan with a tricky shot. Can you figure this one out?

Kirsten Weltzin ladies and gentlemen! Kirsten is one of the four designers who designed the stage for this year’s show. Here together with Thomas.

Here’s a lighting back wall for y’all! And this is only a third of the total!

There were some challanges getting the spines right, since they are raked, but who said that life is easy……..

Dennis and Zorro at dimmer area Stage Left, that is built on a plattform up on the bleacher.

Here are the winches for the 2-D cam that Visual Act supplies, placed on the bleacher behind the stage. This is also where we keep the air vents for air condition, so it is a pretty crowded area.

It’s for SURE, not Oslo we are referring to here, but it IS a very funny belt buckle that Linda wears.

Hi everyone, Joan here!

Here is the grand view of the tent village along side the venue. The far end hosts crew catering, the rest will host press catering, press centre, and press conference areas.

I’m telling you, being a Kabuki rigger is hard work. Today, I even had to go up on the catwalk! The things I do for culture……..

From here you get a really good view of the spines, and see how long they are!

I’m telling you!

Mona arranged a surprise for the crew in the catering today! I swear, I had NOTHING to do with it! Not so much anyway……..Wink




Hey, if you live near Ljubljiana, Slovenia, check out www.facebook.com/eurovisiondance for info on how to be part of the show! You can read all the details there but basically, NRK is traveling around Europe to film flash mob dances to feature as the Interval act of the Final broadcast on May 29. The facebook page will announce the upcoming cities and has links to videos to teach the dances. Come on – you know you secretly love to dance……


Norwegian word of the day is: JUNGELKIOSK = Flower store.


Be good!

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