Здраво љубителите на музиката

So, finding a place for a bbq was easier said than done, but I will NOT surrender! I have a cunning plan, and it WILL happen tomorrow at 6PM. Camera moved into the venue today, so now the whole building is wrapped in cables………….

Most of you veteran diary readers know how much we love spoofing one another in movie posters and commercial ads! Somehow this one turned from Grumpy Old Men to Brokeback Mountain to Playback Mountain. I’m still looking for the person responsible!

The not so straight camera rail for the catwalk is in postition. At least, that was what the camera crew thought. Small problem was that the catwalk was not in its correct position…… so let’s start all over again! Sometimes things go a little bit too fast on the floor………….I guess people are eager…………

This camera rail was a bit easier to get right. It’s also the divider between ticket zone 1, 2 & 3 for the audience on the floor.

Ha Ha!! We got you Neil – you can’t hide from the camera forever!

You guys are lucky this year. Normally the design around the stage is kept a secret, but here you get a first glimps. It’s hard to see here but the two black “lobster claw” arches are in position now. They’re approximately 15 metres in front of the projection wall. Click the photo for a larger image.

Here’s another angle of our beautiful stage.

Here are the parts to do the sparky shower that Teemu was building earlier. The projection guys will be so impressed when Pyroman shoots this effect……….

Jerker Carlsson is in da house! Jerker, and his company Unique is here to help the bomb Finns with the pyro extravaganza and all permits.

Peppe gets his own movie poster, since he didn’t bother to smile for the camera in yesterday’s post. All we got was a wave of the hand and the back of his head.

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