Hello music lovers, and welcome to another day in paradise!

Did you ever hear the story about the Sound Guy, LD and Tour Manager that were out in the desert, waiting for the overheated tour bus to cool down? They stumble over a magic lamp, The sound guy picks it up, rubs it, and a genie appears. Happy as a potato at a low carb fat camp, the genie says ¨Thank you so much for releasing me! I will grant you one wish each, as a reward, but choose wisely!¨

The sound guy thinks for a minute or so, and says ¨I’m dying for some vacation, so please send me to Cancun, surround me with beautiful women, great food, and an endless supply of Margaritas¨

The genie nods his head, and the sound guy disappears with a puff of smoke. He turns to the LD and says, ¨And for you?¨

¨Yeah, that sounds pretty awesome, but I’m more of a Ski buff¨, the LD says. ¨I want to go to Switzerland, a nice mountain, food, booze, chicks, the whole deal ¨. Once again, the genie nods his head, and the LD vansihes.

As he turns to the tour manager, the bus finally starts, and the driver is signaling that he is finally ready to leave. The genie turns to the tour manager and says, ¨ Tell me your wish now, and I will grant it¨.

The tour manager quickly replied, ¨ I want those two guys back on the bus RIGHT NOW!¨


TODAY IS CILLE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! But, she’s not here today, but we’ll rub her in seal fat, hang her upside down in a pink harnest, and sing Mexican anthems for her when she gets back tomorrow, but please don’t tell her! It will be a surprise!

Here is the venue at 14:54:12, and as you can see, the floor is still crowded. Not ideal to get around with a kick bike in here, so we’re getting GOOD excercise!

Here are some of the trusses for the lighting back wall. They are configurated with Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1200, Jarags and Atomic Strobes. Most of the trusses are built on cases, and rolled in and hung once we are ready for them.

Klimper is being busy with building dimmer areas on Stage Left and Right. Since we are in Norway, we should call him Klimpersson! Matthias claims that Klimpersson’s new hair colour is dark pink……… I don’t agree, so one of us is colour blind for sure…….

Stage is moving in! As you can see, there are two levels of risers on top of each other. Why, you might ask! If I tell you, I will have to kill you, so we’ll save that for later. But feel free to guess on the Face Book Group!

And here he is! The man, the myth, the legend! Thomas is one of our Stage Construction Managers. But his office kind of blows………

I’ve had the pleasure to work with this guy, and his partner in crime, Roy, since this fall, and it has been super fun!

Timo, Schuldti, Mario and Paul loading the wheel barrow for yet another round of rigging. It never ends!

Speaking of rigging…… Guess who is the official Kabuki rigger of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest! Yes, it’s ME! To be honest, I have NO idea how this happened, but look close! I’m wearing my helmet!

And it’s KABUKI you pervs! Nothing else!

People have been calling and emailing like crazy, asking us about what we do after work. And, believe it or not, we DO get free time! Here is what we do: WE GO CAMPING!


Norwegian word of the day: Hybel Kanin= Dust Bunny!


Over and out, time for camping!

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