HOORAY! We’re halfway through this production! Timewise that is, we’re still way behind schedule, struggling to catch up. Unfortunately this means that we have to cancel tomorrows football game against the Russians. So, they will win on walk over. That SUCKS! But we’ll get them in the next contest! Vodka drinking at the Euro Club!!!!! Speaking of drinking….. I’ll KILL Leif Niederhuefner for giving me rum last night!

Breaking the bad news….

One of the ¨small¨ sticks are being carried over to the stage and put in position. Each stick is 16 meters long, there are 24 of them, anbd they carry a total of 250 meters of Versa Tube HD inside.

The sticks are supporting the rings, embracing the stage. There are three rings, full of Schnick Schnacks.

Meanwhile, outside the venue, one of the guys in the asphalt crew takes a nap behind the wheel. Sweet dreams!

The glass covered round ramp in the front of the stage is in position, of course we filled that one too with Schnick Schnack. The pit, created between the ramp and the stage, is where we are putting the monitors for the lead singer/singers.

Hans found a pile of lockers yesterday. We are assuming they will be used for some kind of storage, God knows what. There are truck loads of strange things brought into the venue.

And there are 2 more rooms full of these! They are actually pigeon holes for the press. There will be about 2000 coming from magazines, TV, radio, and newspapers all over the world. This is how they find out when and where press conferences are held and other things they need to know about.

Avo Kockmann outside the OB-truck.

Front of House is getting more and more crowded. Both sound (who actually worked quite hard the last couple of days) and stage motion, are now in place on the plattform.


Speaking of some of the people at Front of House.


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