Friday and the weekend off! NOT…………… Smile

Several people has been mailing, asking how much of this and that we are using, so I thought I should share some facts with you all, and why not start with the most important part of them all, the crew! Doesn’t matter how much crap you bring to a venue, if you don’t have a good crew, you’ll fail, simple as that. Procon, whom I represent on site here in Moscow, are responsible for sound, light, video and rigging. We are at most, 95 people on site, and these 95 people represent more than ten nationalities spanning from Russia all the way to America. Holiday Inn loves us, since we need 3 048 hotel nights to do the job, and the crew has, so far, consumed 1 200 paper coffee cups, and most probably spent 1million€ at Mc Donalds.

The asphalt work continues! Seems like they’re painting, paving, and cleaning everything within a 5km radius around the arena. I guess it’s like when you clean your house really good when you have guests coming for dinner! At least the tar and exhaust smells better than the diesel paint they use!

Someone else agrees.

Anton our Safety Manager.

Here are the projectors that we will use for the audience screens. They will be triple stacked so there will be plenty of back up. Even if two projectors drops out of a stack, it will still be able to project 12 000 Ansilumen, which is plenty.

Hey, yet another scaffolding! To the left, you can see that the bribe worked. I gave the video boys pizza for dinner yesterday, and in return they would finalize the Martin LC screen. They kept their promise, as usual. Thanks guys!

Timo, happy as a Fin in a liquor store!

Here is the LC screen pumping.

Tino and Joan taking a break in the busy schedule.


It’s seems like obvious advice, but still some people never learn.


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