In Eurovision Diary 2010

Greetings Earthlings!

Here is today’s report from Planet Eurovision!

It’s been yet another great day at the Telenor Arena, some things are running a little late due to late arrival of crew, but most things actually ahead of schedule, which is wonderful!

One of our pimped up cars!

As you might know, the Telenor Arena is a indoor football arena. Just to clearify, European Football, not the gay rugby thing they love in the US!

So, the area coverd with gray protection plates is 70 meters wide and 110 meters long, and it was pretty much filled with gear, already at 14:00 today. I’ll get back with a more detailed technical equipment list in a couple of days, but in short, we have 4.5 kilometers of truss on this show, with more than 4000 lighting fixtures and a total of 750 rigging points.

We also have 95 Martin Atomic Strobes with the wrong connector, or had, since 12 people decided to do a joint venture and fix it. Richie blames Matthias, Matthias blames Richie, and they both blame me, so I guess it’s even, and the truth is hidden somewhere in the middle……….

To be honest……. It wasn’t me!!!!

Give us a room, and we’ll fill it with cases! Here is the temporary production office for me and PRG. A great location, midship the venue, with instant access to the venue floor. Printers, plotters, ghetto blasters and espresso machines are all up and running, just the way they are supposed to be.

Aggreko is providing us with all the generators for the show, and has been on site one week already. Today it was time to do a test run of their gear. There is NOTHING like the smell of diesel in the morning…………

Aggreko is also providing cooling for the stage area. We got tons of equipment here, and need to cool down the air in this area, to prevent failure on lights and projectors.

Our line producer Evy Hauffen getting a budget update from our Technical Venue Manager Terje Haakonsen

Now, here is a pretty big installation in progess. The commentator boxes are lifted up on a steel structure, that has been put in for this production. This way, they are killing a minimal amount of seats, which is awesome! The more, the merrier!

The first shipment from Showtex is here! They will supply a HUGE amount of drapes and stage motion for this show. But Sandra, I’m missing a 25 meter cable for the Kabuki Cool

You are what you eat………… Joan does very little travel without her best friend in life! And we don’t even get paid from Hidden Valley…………………….

If I tell you what this is, I will have to kill you, and we can’t have that, since I want to remain being on the good side of Norwegian Police, but I can assure, it’s a VERY cool thing!

So……. after Moscow, we promissed each other never building that size of mother grid again. We managed to keep the promise less than a year…….. This is JUST the first part of it. The night shift banged most of it together, the day shift cabled it, and it went up to trim last night, and 23:11:43

Klimper, and my assistants Joan and Cille enjoying the sun at the patio outside catering. I’m taking a short cut here, since Cille’s real name is Cæcille, but I’m too damn lazy to find a Danish keyboard for this computer, so from now on, her name is Cille! Simple huh?!

See you at the Gay Bar?

Language lesson of the day :

BRILLEFINT= AWESOME in Norwegian, and I thought you might want to know that!

Got to run! They are serving Tacos in Catering tonight, and speaking of catering, we should do a closer presentation of Stunt Squad tomorrow, because, they are, without any competition, the BEST Eurovision catering ever!

Be good, and try to behave!

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