How YOU doin?

We’re AWESOME! At 15:00 today we hit the half time stop on this production! And Frölunda won the Swedish Championship in Icehockey- Congratulations- But you’re still a bunch of shrimp farmers………..

Samuel Andersson is our Assistant Contest Producer, and also right and left hand to Christer Björkman. Joan named this picture Sami, so I guess you have a new nickname! Thanks for all the hard work you put in keeping Christer in the same universe as the rest of us!

Meet Piggy Poo, our official production ham. He lives a dangerous life in my office. Clearly no one read the manual before carving into him……….

Today we did our very first stage rehearsal with our amazing hosts, Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw (Sellmylove). I’m sure I speak for the entire production team when I say that we are SO thrilled to FINALLY be in rehearsals!

I thought we should take a closer look at the props world today! Things are piling up in the backstage area now.

How can you do Eurovision without mirror balls? You can’t! We’re using these 10 of these babies for one of the acts. They are quite cool, since they are equipped with VERY expensive positionable motors, so you can do pretty cool stuff with them.

I guess we have one song about broken antennas. Or maybe it’s about a badly constructed fishing net. Or maybe it’s about barbed wire! Tune in in May, and you’ll see.

You can NOT dance disco without disco ramps! That is the law! And who are we to break the law? No can do!

And clearly we have two REALLY tall drummers in the show, looking at the height of these drum risers. Or……. maybe something will be mounted on those pipes, turning them into the two most awesome drum risers ever built. We’ll see in May!

And one of our drummers is SO agressive that we need to keep him in a cage at all times. Quite scary actually! This is the

! Or not………..

Is someone being decapitated on our stage? Or is it just a really big drum stand?

And someone totally put this window in wrong. It’s SO hard to find good crew these days…………

I don’t even have a wild guess what this is supposed to be (no really……. I do, but if I tell you, you must die, and we can’t have that!)

But HEY! What would a working production office be without a good old Marshall amp and a cool guitar? So, we added that! Not fair keeping all the backline downstairs……….

Only problem is that this Finnish person shows up every now and then stealing my stuff. Dude, don’t you have a pretty massive video content show to program?

Oh well…….. since we are on the subject of crazy Finns named Mikki Kunttu, I guess I should share this romantic moment in true throwback Thursday spirit. This is from Eurovision Song Contest 2007, and there were A LOT of spirits involved………….

Onwards and upwards and UPPÅTPUFFAR to all of you!

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