April 23

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hejsan and welcome to the wonderful world of Eurovision! The weather is warm and sunny now. Too bad that we are locked up in the venue most of the time………. oh well……… we’re not here for holiday!

Things are getting busy around the office. The press is starting to show up. And we have a ¨making of¨ team that more or less moved into the production office.

Office monitors are now in place. Our standin looks very excited. And so does my cow!

Now here’s something beautiful to see on the screen. Mattias looks very excited.

Meet our Steadicam operator Tim Tønnessen and his Focus Puller Stephanie Amundsen! I got to know Tim back in 2010 when I did Eurovision in Norway. Great guy! Indeed!

And who is the mysterious unicorn? It showed up in my couch without warning yesterday. Quite scary actually!

Say HELLO to Thurid Wagenknecht from Riedel! I just made a deal with her regarding our upcoming crew BBQ. To be continued!

One of our many wonderful volunteers Manu – welcome and thanks for your help! She is from Brazil, and it turns out that she worked on the same venue as Tarmo during the Olympics there! Small world!

And BOOM! After 10 hours of cooking, it was time to harvest the smoker! We made pork ribs and bone in pork loin.

Hans volunteered to be the master meat slicer manager. We really need to get a cutting board………

And all of a sudden, the office was filled with happy people enjoying the first batch of meat out of the smoker! We’ll do a proper full blown crew bbq in a couple of days!

No compilation of favorite Eurovision moments can be complete without Verka Serduchka in Finland 2007! Lighting Design and Video Content Design by my dear friend Mikki Kunttu!

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