Once upon a time in a small time in Germany, there was a shoe maker, shoe maker was his name tra la la… Oh sorry….. wrong web page……….. After a week of snow and cold yucky weather, the sun is back, and there are rumours that the weather will be VERY nice after the weekend! Like we care…….. we’re trapped inside a sports venue 16 hours a day……..

So, when we finally got the glue and the painting under control, they started to asphalt the parking lot outside our new office. The whole office container was shaking all day, but it looks nice!

Olaf, Kai and Frank enjoying the returning sunlight, trying to figure out where to go for lunch.

Me myself and I decided that a flying boar would be a good meal. Well……. it’s actually a present from Ivan and Dimitry from SiM, good friends of ours here in Moscow.

Jan Schröder is in da house! Yet another media server guru joining the team, and the growing pile of servers that needs love and petting.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian delegation came to visit us to discuss the performance of Svetlana Loboda ( is she HOT or what???) Speaking of, Svitlana Bazhanova, a member of the Ukraine Delegations was one of them visiting. Svitlana was DEEPLY involved in the production in Kyiv 2005. GOOD to see you again darling!

The scaffolding is finally inspected and approved, so we could start hanging the Martin LC screen today.

Borislav Volodin and me shining together in the sun!

So….. If you want to piss Björn off, drop a Clay Paky from a case. He would NOT love you…………

Meanwhile, inside the venue, we started to mount the Versa Tube HD from Element Labs on the sticks, that will be interacted with the ribs. That made a whole lot of sense didn’t it?




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