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Another day has gone by in the spheric building we call home. We’ve had some technical issues with video and tracking that were consuming some of our time, but most things are on track and we are ready for the technical rehearsals and voting rehearsals that start tomorrow.

All cameras are in now. We are using 40 cameras in total in this production, 22 of them are for the show. We have 2 x Moviebird 45 ft cranes, 1 x 19 meter Cascade Crane, 3 x Rail cams, 3 x Steady cams, 1 x 2D cam, 1 x 75 meter drop cam, 2 x Handheld cams, 1 x Tower cam, 7 x Dolly Cams and 1 x fixed camera for the scrutineer desk. The remaining cameras will be used in the press center and for the public viewing party in Tele 2 Arena right next door to the Globe.

Pelle Hövde is chatting with Per Olof Lantto. First rehearsal of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 about to start!

Remember this guy? Lovingly referred to (by me) as the Saab Cowboy? It’s Kristian Öryd, one of our many talented cameramen. Well, this is a picture from 2009 in Moscow…….

How times have changed! Back then, he drove a Saab…….. He sold that, he sold his Harley and bought a boat, cause boats are SUPER cool! But now I need a new nickname for him! Good to have you here buddy! Captain Slim?

Viewing room is set up! This is where the delegations will go to review their on stage rehearsal, and leave comments on mainly camera and program sound. I’ll take care of the main lighting and video content notes from my position in front of the stage during delegation rehearsals.

But this year they have a new game: Every time a performer hits a money note, they have to drink! Or, is there another plan behind this Mr dear viewing room producer Mattias Carlsson?

The creativity is flourishing in the backstage area now when we are hitting the slow time when most things are up and running. Like spikey led installs on rigging helmets for example. Very handy!

There was also a big SHOCK yesterday. Our lord of darkness,


Here is another shock. Frida turned my office into a workshop for the tunnels that go into the tables in Greenroom or something like that. So no access to the fridge……….. thanks……….

Throwback Thursday brings us back to Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our beautiful assistant Lighting Designer Emma Landare was operating a brand new ETC Congo back then. We had the first 8 serial manufactured desks in the world on that show. Ask her if she managed to crash it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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