April 21

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Horrible news reached us yesterday afternoon. Tim Bergling is dead. Most of you know him under his artist name Avicci, an artist that has given the world an enormous music treasure that inspired millions and played a very important role in the EDM world.
Nightclubs all over the world celebrated his memory by having a silent minute at midnight. Downtown Stockholm is full of people today, that came down to the city center to honor their idol, and show their respect to a fantastic artist.

In the world of Eurovision, it’s quite obvious that we will honor his memory with the Opening Ceremony for Eurovision Song Contest 2013, since that song was written by Avicci together with two other Swedish legends- Björn Ulveus and Benny Andersson from ABBA.


The closer to rehearsal start we get, the more meetings about what is happening on our stage are needed. The one about pyro is of course very important, since we try to avoid frying steady cam operators and artists.

All our OB trucks are in place now. We have two trucks as usual, one main and one back up. The Videohouse is done with most of the cable install now, and have started to place out the 45 large screen monitors we need in all backstage areas.

And of course all the cameras. We have a total of 19 cameras this year.

The rail camera that is built into our stage is done.

And so is the outer railcam with a double headed dolly. Very cool toy!

Our lighting crew is keeping busy with placing out all the floor lights for Jerry. Every time an area is completed by staging, lighting is there seconds after with lights.

The backstage area is also very busy right now since we are installing all the wires that will run from the rib hinge in the guide tracks to the counterweight towers.

And in the far far back of the backstage, we are really busy with preparing all the props requested by the delegations. Here is the Swedish one being built.

All ribs have a built in lightbox as well, that is pixel mapped by Jerry. It will look VERY cool once it’s up and running.

And Jerry found a way to fit Sharpy Washes in between every single rib as well.

The annual problem is back. Where to put all the freaking CO2 bottles for flames and smoke? This happens on this day, every year. I’m confident that we will find a solution for this, just as all other years. May the force be with us!

Heavy fog machines are going into the stage. We have a total of 4 machines and 8 outlets in our stage.

The scrutineer desk (AKA the “Jon Ola Sand Castle”) is completed too.

Greenroom is completed, but since the amazing sofas from Chateau d’Ax are not here yet, EPC built a 1:1 model in paper, so Jerry and his team can focus this area.

One of my favorites from 2002 and the first show ever using Catalyst media servers!

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