I think I’m about to turn into a gold fish over here. I’ve been spending 10 minutes trying to remember what we did yesterday, to get today’s text correct, but I can’t! I do remember that I had Pizza for lunch, but that’s about it, and I guess that there is no news value in that, so lets skip the introduction, and jump over to the pictures. Oh yeah, I just remembered that I need to plan a EVIL revenge on Mikki Kunttu, you know, the horrible ice hockey player from Finland who was the Lighting Designer back in 2007. By the way, Finland celebrated their independence from Sweden a couple of weeks ago. What is there to celebrate? You’ve been sucking at icehockey ever since that happened! Crap……. Our pyro designer Markku Aalto is from Finland. I wonder if it was a wise thing to piss him off………… Huga!

The OB Truck is in da house! It arrived yesterday. Borislav Volodin was VERY happy to see his new toy, finally in place here in Moscow.



Special treat today! A detailed tour of our media server system for the show.

Here is our host, Nev Bull, Media Server System Tech, spending both his own birthday, his wife’s AND his son’s for this show. What dedication! And I LOVE his t-shirt…

He and the content team spend most of their day in a bunker deep underground – only allowed out to go to catering. So they chose to stay in the room all day………

And our co-host, Mr. Mike Redmer. Mike likes to take holidays in Moscow, spending his afternoons setting up and administrating the mac network to give Nev, Lauren and Ian a running network so they can do a fabulous show using millions of pixels. (We’re actually going to calculate that number….) In the evenings, Mike likes to ponder the meaning of life over a pint.

And Mr. Ian Reith, Catalyst Operator. ( he says ‘Hello Mum!’ )

At one end of the Media Lounge, Lauren Cahill (House Content Creator) Nev and Ian create new content for Belarus in content creation corner. This is also where we prepare all the content used in the show. Content for each song has to be cut to size to fit on the various screen elements – a minimum of eight movies per song!!

Here’s the other end of the server room…..Uh….I mean, the MEDIA LOUNGE! Can’t call it server room, if we do, the fire marshall will shut it down!

Here’s half of the 9 Catalysts used to run content for the different parts of the stage, plus 9 backups, for a total of 18 Catalysts. Each server is dedicated to a certain section of the stage, which is made up of 5 different types of video: O-lite, Stealth, VersaTubes, F-Led and Martin LC.

Here are the rest. Each active server has a backup running in tandem, everything is well labelled just in case we have to change to backup in a hurry!

And in the middle, the most expensive preview desk in the world! We use a Barco Encore system to pull this off. Click here to see how the screens actually correspond to the stage pieces: HERE

Here’s a closer look. Ian can either view all screens or select one section to zoom in on. Now, look closely, you can see water scenes in the sections……

Now, here’s what it looks like out on the actual stage pieces. Cooooool huh?

We also have several HD-SDI feeds coming into the servers to allow camera feeds to be shown on any part of the set, as well as a dedicated system to show ‘electronic tape marks’ on the stage floor to allow props/performers to be in the correct place – rather than covering the glass floor with PVC tape!

Alongside the Catalysts sit 6 Hippotizer media servers, these will be used for the Pufferfish displays that we also will use in the show, skillfully controlled by Timo Kauristo.

The Media Lounge also has an Expresso bar and a virtual pet goldfish called Bernard.

Meanwhile, back in the Procon office, Hans Cromheecke does some PC repair.


Please do, it really really hurts!!!! I should know, I did it all day…………


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