Prince is dead. I never had the honor to work with the great man, but I never missed an opportunity to go and see him live. The nerve, the almost electric atmospere, the energy and the power in his shows was just blowing you away. The world has lost one of its greatest performers, and many of us working in this industry have lost a never ending source of inspiration. THAT SUCKS.

But on to happier things……

Our good friend and one of our official technical partners, Marc van der Wel from Cyberhoist came for a visit today! Hey hey hey! Poor planning to leave as early as you did!

But, THANK YOU FOR THE CHEEEEEESE!! And also a board and slicer from Holland! Dutch cheese is so GOOUDA!

Marty Cochrane from CAST and dank-u-Frank from Switch Concepts working on secret stuff.

What do a Portugese, Frenchman, 2 Brits and a Greek have in common? I can’t tell you, but I can assure you it’s VERY secret too!

Joan went down to Litecom’s office and asked what this was. Balder said “It’s for the screw engineers” and she said, “you mean the scrutineers?” Moooooaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaa

And then at 19.00 the fun began – the Eurovision Crew Barbeque!

Look at me and all my salamis…………. The Melzig Grill offered Chorizos, Salchichas, Kabanos, Italian Bratwurst, Marjoram dogs and of course a vegetarian option.

I guess I’m cursed, because rain is the traditional weather for the crew bbq, regardless of where we are in the world………….. But no worries, our storage tent for empties is only half full, so plenty of dry space inside!
Please note that EVERYONE is drinking Coca-Cola! It is our sponsor, after all.

More Coke in the Sven Stojanovic team! From left to right: Josephine, Sven, Nina, Victor and Marie.

Happy Birthday Neil! I hope you enjoy the weather on your B-day! Here with Pekka, Mikki and Fraser.

Tobias Åberg hanging out with Robert Roos from The Globe Arena.

Michael, Balder and Mattias hanging out in the tent. Balder has started to refer to me as Svigerfar, which I believe means Father in law in Danish. Should I be worried about my daughter??

Wictor Westerdahl and Johan Blick chilling. Wictor is with our lighting crew, and Johan in our technical manager for openings and interval acts. Stand by for some absolutely AWESOME things coming up from this department! We can promise you complete lack of people climbing ladders and really long percussion and drum shows.

Hard work to grill for a little over 200 people! I was going at it for 3 solid hours, and managed to grill just over 45 kilos of hot dogs.

My two favorite carpenters in the world! Håkan and his partner Monique! They drive Harley Davidsons to work. Kind of cool!

Joan and Eva proved that if you take a golf cart for a spin when it’s pouring down, you WILL get very wet. No Nobel prize awarded for this science project!

I lost my hot dog and now I look like a sad puppy?! Christer Björkman managed to escape from England and is now safely back in Stockholm! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE working with this man! For those of you that don’t know, Christer is our Contest Producer.

Throwback Thursday was so much fun, I decided that we should do this EVERY day. I’m sure my crew agrees…………….. Here is Bebban and Tobbe back in the golden days of Eurovision Song Contest 2002!

So long for now!

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