Hello! Today we’re going to meet Team Tobbe! These are the guys working with Tobbe Berg, whom you may remember from many diaries past. He’s been the man behind the machine of all the moving parts on stage – set pieces, props, flaming pianos, you name it! He was even a dancing matryoshka dancer in Moscow!

Now, we have 42 songs, 3 Openings and 3 Interval Acts on a very tight timeline – most involving set pieces and props. From the time one country is finished performing to the next country starting is only 35 seconds! That’s 35 seconds to get all the performers and props off the stage and the next set on, plus a quick sweep of the floor and setting up microphones, etc. Tobbe and his team have every changeover perfectly choreographed and they rehearse their changeovers just as perfectly as the performers rehearse their songs. It’s fascinating to watch!

Name: Tobias Magnesved

Title: Stage Manager

OM: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

TM: You are. Asking me stupid questions when I have work to do…… Go bother someone else!

OM: Ok!!

So we’ll play a game with the rest of the crew! We’re still missing Bebban and Henka but I’ll selfie/photobomb them when they get here!

Name: Henrik Israelsson

Title: Stage Change Over Crew

OM: Now I’m going to say the answer and you have to ask the question! Isn’t that fun?

HI: Is that a question?

OM: No, here we go.  A naked mole rat.

HI: What the hell is that?  OM: No no, you’re question is supposed to be like, “What’s the world’s weirdest pet?”  HI: Yeah, I understand the game, I just never heard of a naked mole rat!

OM: OK, I’ll try another one. A pianist.

HI: I don’t want to play this game……

Name: Oskar Österlie

Title: Stage Change Over Crew

OM: Ribs!

OO: Where do you like to be tickled??

OM: You suck.

Name: Stefan Sjöland

Title: Stage Change Over Crew

OM: Motörhead.

SS: If I had the gift of time travel, what show would I be working on?

OM: Ola Melzig.

SS: Who’s the Fucker in Charge?



They didn’t like my game so I had to sweep the stage……

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?


So many questions……..

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